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UN Buffer Zone

Wednesday 22 July – Saturday 1 August 2015

This programme speculates on parametric urban scenarios for the UN Buffer Zone in Cyprus, a 180km-long demilitarized zone spanning the full length of the island. By moving location every year, the workshop maps the whole buffer zone (three per cent of the island), documenting local conditions and problems, exploring non-linear scenarios of targeted rehabilitation either via urban proposals or fabrication constructs.

The 2015 programme focuses on the island’s coastline and northern sea, promoting computational design and fabrication for providing solutions in relation to the UN refugee relief programme. The relation of a humanitarian crisis and the sea (as the only escape route) will be researched in an effort to fabricate floating components and constructions to assist the UN relief role.

The AA Cyprus Visiting School 2015 will be organized by the Architectural Association, London, UK and hosted at the department of Architecture [ARC], University of Nicosia, and Kato Pyrgos. The event aims to assemble and dynamic group of students and young practitioners, both from Cyprus and abroad for a 10-day digital design and fabrication workshop.

Disembarking from 2014 VS, the workshop will revisit the north-west coastline town of Kato Pyrgos to assemble a large-scale component-based floating platform. PVC pipes and Plywood as primary materials will be explored via computational analysis tools to achieve optimum buoyancy and stability. The aim is to build a platform large enough to carry the weight of all VS participants.

Accommodation will be provided at the Gymnasium/Lyceum of Kato Pyrgos, during Part B of the Workshop from the 26th July - 1st August 2015. Transportation to Kato Pyrgos will also be arranged.

Workshop Preliminary Schedule:

Workshop Part A:  Design + Fabrication

22-25 July 2015

  [ARC] University of Nicosia

Workshop Part Β:  Fabrication+ Assembly

26 July – 1st Aug  2015

  Gymnasium, Kato Pyrgos


Scholarships are offered and all interested parties need to submit a sample of work at

Scholarship Deadline:      15 May 2015

Applications Deadline:     15 July 2015


Standard Fee:                595GBP (including accommodation on Kato Pyrgos)

Scholarship Fee:           195GBP (including accommodation on Kato Pyrgos)

The AA Visiting School fee includes a £60 Visiting membership fee. Should you wish to enhance your membership, a Subscribing Membership is available at an additional £70 (£130 in total), full details of which can be found at:

Fees do not include flights or accommodation in Nicosia, but accommodation options can be advised. Students need to bring their own laptops, digital equipment and model making tools. Please ensure this equipment is covered by your own insurance as the AA takes no responsibility for items lost or stolen at the workshop


Programme Directors
Pavlos Fereos
Michael Georgiou

Head of Visiting School

Christopher Pierce

T +44 20 7887 4014
F +44 20 7414 0782

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