THE STORY OF THE JANOAI: The Amazon AA Visiting School

THE STORY OF THE JANOAI: The Amazon AA Visiting School - Amazon Visiting School Director Nacho Marti recounts The Story of the Janoai about a mythical creature that serves as a cautionary tale for why one should never mix pork and beef in the Amazon rainforest.

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AArchitecture is published every term, edited and written by the AA Community. Patricia De Souza Leão Müller, Miraj Ahmed, Johanna Tagada, Eléonore Grignon, Sophie Lanigan, Richard Leung, Jonathan Halls, Gian Andrea Diana, LAWuN, William Lim, Marienne Barthelemy, Anna Sofie Hvid and Peter Møller Rasmussen, Michael Ho and Chiyan Ho

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Makkah vs Makkah

Jeddah - Makkah vs Makkah - 17/3/2019–27/3/2019 - Deadline: 28/2/2019

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