AA XX 100

This autumn, the AA XX 100 project will culminate with the celebration of the centenary of women at the AA. This will take the form of a collection of historical and critical writing; an exhibition representing both contemporary and historical practice; and a major international conference convened by the AA in collaboration with the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art which will be supported by a series of lectures celebrating women in architecture. To read more about the project, please visit the AA XX 100 website: xx.aaschool.ac.uk


THE BEAUTY IN THE BEAST - Summer School 2017 – Unit 6
Taught by Isabel Collado & Ignacio Peydro

AA Files 74

Contributions by Peter Wilson, William Firebrace, Michael Hill, Dietrich Neumann, Dagmar Motycka Weston, Simona Ferrari & Wataru Sawada, Christophe Van Gerrewey, Charles Rice & Kenny Cupers, Tim Benton, Andrew Crompton, Davide Spina, Nicholas de Monchaux and Cynthia Davidson, a personal reminiscence by Joseph Rykwert, a recipe by Chris Behr, and two conversations, the first with Kate Macintosh, the second with Peter Eisenman. Purchase AA Files Online

aarchitecture 31

TITLE AArchitecture is published every term, edited and written by the AA Community. Contributors: Sofia Pia Belenky, Nick Adams, Charles Shade, Sensy Mania, Igor Gola, Helene Humbert, Nuria Marti, Jack Hardy, Dara Nerweyi, Raluca Grada, Joy Lai, Stefan Popa, Ed Bottoms, Stefan Jovanovic Editors: Hunter Doyle, Sensy Mania, Emily Priest

Architecture & Urbanism MArch (DRL) Works in Progress

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t-sa forum x AA 2017 - t-sa forum x AA - 29/8/2017–22/9/2017 - Deadline: 24/8/2017

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Granada - waterworks

Waterworks Monday 4 – Friday 15 September 2017

Waterworks transports architectural design back to its origins, tackling social-agricultural realities by offering participants a unique opportunity to work alongside local producers, architects, scientists, horticulturists and the larger community.

Read more about the Granada Visiting School and apply

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