Diploma 18

BE INDIGENOUS: An Offgrid Paradox

Enric Ruiz-Geli, Simon Taylor, working with Robert Wilson

Diploma 18 encourages sustainable living through a holistic analysis of the idea of "home": our domain, our family, our roots, our cosmos, our collections of tools and objects, our sentience, our memory, our tribe. Your Home is Your Action: Monument Valley and the Navajo; Taliesin West and Frank Lloyd Wright; the Eames Foundation; the Art Centre College of Design; IDEAS lab at UCLA; Robert Wilson and the Watermill Center. Science is TS: the molecular scale, a science towards an architecture of particles - our bodies, our environment, our phenomena, our ecosystem. The Architect as Activist: think out of the box, off-grid, fight global warming, believe architecture is a political act, demonstrate that architecture is an ethical performance and that architecture is the platform of society. These together build The Performance.

Act 1: Be. Be Dip18. Be Indigenous. Be Life. Be AA.

Act 2: Be a Maker, Build your Home. Be at Home. Your Home, your Cosmos. Your Home, your Vision. Your Home, your Sensibility.

Act 3: Be Science. Your Home is your Work. Your Home, your Culture. Your Home, your Nation. Your Home, your Republic. Your Studio.

Act 4: Be Off-Grid. Be Energy. Be Aware. Your Home is your Activism. Your Home, your Ultimate Resistance.

Act 5: Be Water. Your Home, your Body. Your Performance. The Home of Performance.

Act 6: Time, Space, Performance.

Unit Staff

Enric Ruiz-Geli is the founder of Cloud 9 office in Barcelona. He belongs to the Scientific Committee of Tecnalia. He is the architect of projects such as Villa Nurbs, Airbus FoF, Ampo Retrofitting, Audi AUFA and El Bulli Foundation. Cloud 9's project in Taipei, H108 by Farglory, recently earned LEED certification.

Simon Taylor is a founder of the multi-disciplinary communication and design studio, Tomato. He works with institutions including the European Commission, Olympic Legacy Corp, the UN, International Expo and has exhibited work around the world.

Robert Wilson is a theatre director and visual artist.


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