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LAWuN 27


8AM - 8PM

Join us in a 12-hour investigation of what it means to EXPERIMENT, a word that haunts the reputation of the AA

The Search: One 12-hour large Table , Three 4-hour Tablecloths
tended by invited guests, and student/pioneers over Four courses of discussion:
Boiled, Fried, Scrambled and Meringue.
(please feel free to duck in and duck out at any point)

Bill of fare

Table Cloth 1, Boiled: Ed Bottoms has opened up the AA archive to a range of students and staff across the school, who will select the project they deem most experimental in AA history. Original copies will be displayed in the North & South Jury Rooms, while presented and argued over during Table Cloth 1.

Table Cloth 2, Fried: Computer inquisition; 4 guests will discuss and present short films on the question, what is The next Step? The word ‘computer’ will be banned from the discourse.

Table Cloth 3, Scrambled: The nature of the word experiment will be examined through a melange of lecture and dance.

Different events will be going on in the AA lecture hall; sometimes they'll overlap, lull, coincide and create tension, together presenting a force for modes of togetherness that many seek to find in the school today.

The whole school's participation, views and perspectives are essential in this AALAWuN special project.

Meringue... Air, the most crucial material of the planet.


LAWuN 27...All information is provisional.


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