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Folded Force

Thessaloniki - Folded Force - 30/10/2015–9/11/2015 - Deadline: 15/10/2015

Make global discoveries & connections at AA Visiting Schools around the world.
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AA Files 70

Contributions by Joseph Bedford, Jesús Vassallo, Andrew Leach, Jean-Louis Cohen, Susan Holden, Enrique Walker, Richard Rogers, Renzo Piano, Dietrich Neumann, Juergen Schulz, Goswin Schwendinger, Gavin Stamp, Sam Jacob, David Jenkins, Paul Vermeulen, Diego Inglez de Souza, Irina Davidovici, Mark Swenarton, Thomas Weaver, Will McLean, Andrew Higgott, Nicolas Grospierre, Diane Ghirardo and Paul Mason. - Purchase AA Files Online


31 July 2015 7:30-10:30pm, SPACE, Mare Street Hackney Further Details and RSVP.

Projects Review online

pr2015.aaschool.ac.uk/cityscape. An alternative view of the AA students' work this year.

AA VISITING SCHOOL AMAZON - The Magic Realism of Mamori Lake

AA VISITING SCHOOL AMAZON - The Magic Realism of Mamori Lake - On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Mamori Art Lab's first workshop, AAVS Amazon Director Nacho Marti tells the dramatic tale of how this visiting school came into being - starting with the purchase of a parking lot and ending in the creation of a laboratory for art, photography and design workshops.