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London t-sa forum x AA 2016

t-sa forum x AA

Tuesday 30 August – Friday 23 September 2016

Following the past two years of studying the concept of ‘renewal’ in architecture in London as examples of how history is updated, t-sa forum will continue its research into working with existing built fabric.

The main agenda in question in the 2015 workshop was ‘emotion in architecture’. Directly working together with London practice Takero Shimazaki Architects/t-sa, the workshop will again study contemporary and historical precedents on this subject in London and will visit key architects and artists who work around this theme.

During the research, the workshop will use alternative methods to drawing, collaging and presenting, utilising hand printing methods, photography and mixed drawings. Through the crafted media, the research will aim to establish a direct and immediate subjective appreciation for the emotions in architecture whilst objectively analysing the buildings.

There will be invited critics alongside the members of t-sa studio, the Architectural Association and other prolific practitioners.

Prominent Features of the workshop/ skills developed
-Craft skills, including Photography, Hand drawings, Bookmaking, Printing.
-Visits to London’s architects, artists, crafts studios.

36 Bedford Square
London WC1B 3ES


1) You can make an application by completing the online application found under ‘Links and Downloads’ on the AA Visiting School page. If you are not able to make an online application, email for instructions to pay by bank transfer.

2) Once you complete the online application and make a full payment, you are registered to the programme. A CV or a portfolio is not required.
The deadline for applications is : 19 Aug 2016.

All participants travelling from abroad are responsible for securing any visa required, and are advised to contact their home embassy early. After payment of fees, the AA School can provide a letter confirming participation in the workshop.

The workshop is open to current architecture and design students, phd candidates and professionals.


The AA Visiting School requires a fee of £1,200 per participant, which includes a £60 Visiting membership fee.

Fees do not include flights or accommodation, but accommodation options can be advised. Students need to bring their own laptops, digital equipment and model making tools. Please ensure this equipment is covered by your own insurance as the AA takes no responsibility for items lost or stolen at the workshop.

Insurance (for non-British citizens)

Due to Government changes with regard to health treatment in the UK, you will be required to have the following:

For students from the European Union
If you are a student from another country in the European Union, here for less than six months, you will require a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC, previously called E111) which must be obtained from your home country.  
The card is not an alternative to travel insurance.  It will not cover any private medical healthcare or costs, such as mountain rescue in ski resorts, being flown back to your home country, or lost or stolen property. Therefore it is important to have both an EHIC and a valid private travel insurance policy.  Some insurers now insist that you hold an EHIC, and many will waive the excess if you have one.

For students from non-European Union countries, ie international students
If you are here for less than six months, please note you are not covered for National Health Service treatment in the UK.  You are therefore required to obtain travel/health insurance from your own country.

Programme Head
Takero Shimazaki

Head's bio:
Takero Shimazaki is an architect and leads, Takero Shimazaki Architects, t-sa in
London, ( He was a unit master for Intermediate Unit 2 at the Architectural Association
(2010-2015). He has taught and lectured internationally. Based on the context and the lives of the
inhabitants, the practice focuses on poetically driven contextual projects, realised and built since 1996.

Erika Suzuki


Programme Head
Takero Shimazaki

Visiting School Director

Christopher Pierce

T +44 20 7887 4014
F +44 20 7414 0782

Links & Downloads

Programme site



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