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Bodega – Enological Metabolism

Dates - July 2016 (tbc)

Pursuing its desire to weave interrelations between enology and architecture, this year’s Barcelona Visiting School addresses the question of the experience and the effect that both wine and space might have on oneself.

Meandering between a reduced - 1:20 - and a live scale, traditional and advanced tools of making common and innovative materials; these two weeks offer the opportunity to playfully experiment with wine and speculate on how the space and the environment might be perceived in a winery.

‘Bodega – Enological Metabolism’ has thoroughly explored the linear process of wine making, spatially and temporarily, to portrait it in the form of a short film. This space is not to be simply understood as a static architectural representational model, it is rather the construction of a situation, in which the user and the scenario will be defined in a ‘mise-en-scène’.

In parallel, the ‘Live Laboratory of the Senses’ has served to look at wine, both empirically and sprightly taking it outside of its context, the glass and the mouth, seeking to create sensorial experiences on body and space, which will conclude with the fabrication of 1:1 wine performing pieces.





Students should be aware that visas are required for Visiting Schools held both in the UK and abroad and it is the student's responsibility to investigate what is required via the relevant embassies in their country.

Program directors
Edouard Cabay
Carles Sala

Program coordinator
Relja Ferusic


Programme Directors
Edouard Cabay 
Carles Sala

Visiting School Director

Christopher Pierce

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