Frozen Relic: Arctic Works by ScanLAB

AA Gallery & Front Members' Room 12/1/2013 - 9/2/2013

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Frozen Relic:
Arctic Works is a series of re-fabricated real world scenarios by London based designer/makers ScanLAB Projects. Using millimetre perfect 3D scanning technology ScanLAB stage and capture transitory moments on location across the world. In the Frozen Relic: Arctic Works series these moments are digitally archived and reproduce out of context and out of time.

Whilst working with Cambridge University aboard the Greenpeace Icebreaker 'The Arctic Sunrise' ScanLab documented a series of ice floes in the Fram Strait North West of Svalbard, Norway. During the course of two expeditions to the Arctic the team captured a total of 26 floes in forensic detail, mapping their surfaces, analysing core samples of the ice and mapping their drift through the fluxing ice pack.

Frozen Relic: Arctic Works temporarily recreates this landscape in the AA Gallery in its natural material - frozen saltwater. Each piece is a digitally fabricated scale replica of the original ice floe which was 3D scanned from above and documented using underwater sonar from below. The completed digital survey model is used to guide a cnc robotic arm, which carves the moulds in which each replica is cast. The replicas float in the Gallery space, with eye level replacing sea level.

(New Ice will be installed on these dates: 17 Jan, 19 Jan, 23 Jan, 26 Jan, 31 Jan, 2 Feb, 7 Feb)

ScanLAB Projects:  Experiments in Observation & Capture.
Matt Shaw and Will Trossell of ScanLAB, Wednesday 23 January, 6:00pm, Lecture Hall

Frozen Relic & Other Absent Landscapes.
Saturday 2 February 2013, 12:00 - 16:00pm, Lecture Hall
Speakers: Eyal Weizmann (Forensic Architecture), Professor Peter Wadhams (Cambridge), Charlie Kronik (Greenpeace), Kate Davies & Liam Young (Unknown Fields Division/AA)
Chair: Professor Bob Sheil (UCL Bartlett)
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Photo: Nick Cobbing

Photos: Samantha Lee

Photo: Sue Barr

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