Garbage Warrior

Series: Members' Screening
Date: Thursday 10 November 2016 : 19.00
Speaker: Members' Screening

An AA Members' Screening of a film by Oliver Hodge, Garbage Warrior, 2007

As a documentary following architect Mike Reynolds and his environmentally conscious "Earthship" houses, this film explores his struggle with the New Mexico government to change building code laws. Reynolds is a crusader for sustainable living, building structures almost entirely from discarded materials, including tires and aluminum cans. His houses are extremely self-reliant on top of being virtually 100 percent recycled and have been embraced in third-world countries hit by natural disasters.

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Winged Creatures: where do architects go after they graduate?

Series: The Shadow Series
Date: Thursday 17 November 2016 : 19.00
Speaker: Organised by John Andrews & Maria Theodorou With the support of Membership Office

The Shadow Series intends to turn the (usually) shadow condition of AA members and alumni into a shadowing force that debates architecture at the present scale of an expanded AA. Unlike the global school, in which the AA ventures across a variety of locations, the shadow series is an intimate event, held at the institution’s core, that assembles the AA’s bodies and brains to debate current architecture issues and processes. Held every third Thursday of the month, from 7–8.30pm, on a variety of topics.

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