This is a comprehensive list of lectures at the AA. Most lectures are available online here or on DVD from the photolibrary. Online lectures can be seen here.

  Date Name Title Run time
view 21/2/2017 Francisco González de Canales and Nuria Álvarez Lombardero New Formalism. Canales Lombardero 0 mins
view 17/2/2017 Organised by Calvin Chua and Dongwoo Yim Emerging North Korea 0 mins
view 14/2/2017 John Palmesino, Ann-Sofi Rönnskog, Carl Turner, Bozar Ben Zeev, and Rory Sherlock, chaired by Stanislas Turcon (AAgora) Architecture & Control 0 mins
view 13/2/2017 Organised by AA XX 100 Speed Mentoring 0 mins
view 10/2/2017 Organised by Student Forum and the Public Programme Term 2 Open Jury 0 mins
view 9/2/2017 Organised by AA LAWuN Pause 0 mins
view 9/2/2017 Samantha Hardingham, Whitney Moon, Molly Wright Steenson, Kathy Velikov, and Mark Wigley An Afternoon with Cedric Price no. 2 0 mins
view 8/2/2017 Organised by Elif Erdine and Evan Greenberg - postponed FACE-OFF - postponed 0 mins
view 8/2/2017 Michael Weinstock Dreams, Speculations and Projections 0 mins
view 7/2/2017 A PLAKAT/ Design Museum Collaboration Six Ghosts 0 mins
view 6/2/2017 Daniel Levin Becker La forme d’une ville, la ville d’une forme: potential literature in and of the city 0 mins
view 3/2/2017 Mark Cousins To whom do we turn? 0 mins

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