AA Building Conversations with Jon Lopez & Hikaru Nissanke

Camden Housing Projects

Series: AA Building Conversations
Date: Tuesday 10 October 2017
Time: 17:00
Venue: London Borough of Camden
Running time: 0 mins

AA Members, students and alumni are invited to join OMMX principals Hik Nissanke and Jon Lopez on this visit to two Camden housing projects: Loudoun Road Housing and Workshops by Tom Kay, and the Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate by 2018 RIBA Royal Gold Medal winner Neave Brown (AADipl 1955).

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Both a building visit and an on-site conversation, AA Building Conversations combines two of the best bits about architecture: walking through buildings and talking about them. AA Building Conversations brings together practising architects and the AA community to discuss in-situ how existing buildings in London have influenced, sharpened or challenged the architects’ own practices and understanding of the discipline. The conversations will be triggered by AA graduate school students Alvaro Velasco Perez and Raül Avilla, but will be a collective construction among all those present.

OMMX produces architecture that responds directly to the exponentially changing setting of the modern world. In catering for both conscious and subconscious needs and desires, it seeks to challenge the misconceptions, aspirational hangovers, accepted norms, and prevailing orthodoxies that render societies impotent to enact meaningful change. The principals, Jon Lopez and Hikaru Nissanke, were formerly Fellows at Cambridge University, UCL & CSM, where they taught architecture as a vehicle to examine these phenomena, with urgency and without bias. The office resists advancing a formulaic approach to design to avoid the production of a formulaic architecture. Since its foundation in 2010, it has rapidly developed an international reputation as one of the leading studios of their generation.

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All lectures are open to members of the public, staff and students unless otherwise stated.

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