Nathan Su, Jisoo Hwang, Joshua Penk, Rory Sherlock & Jonathan Cheng

Diploma Honours 2017

Series: Introduction Week Event
Date: Wednesday 20 September 2017
Time: 18:30
Venue: Lecture Hall
Running time: 0 mins

The five recipients of the AA Diploma with Honours 2017 will present their 5th year projects and discuss their experience of studying at the AA. 

AA Diploma Honours is the highest award you can achieve upon completion of the 5 year undergraduate programme. Up to one 5th year student per diploma unit is nominated to present for honours at the end of each academic year - a ten minute presentation that needs to convince the diploma tutors of the value, relevance and premise of the project. 

Five projects were awarded Diploma with Honours in 2016-17, manifesting the breadth of interests contained within the school from Jisoo’s Shared Roof that connects a primary school with surrounding houses in Bermondsey, to Jonathan’s performative cultural centre, to Joshua’s project sited at the confluence of different time periods and stages of degeneration and regeneration, or from Nathan’s vision for a shared future where reality is constructed collaboratively to how Rory harnesses the power of the internet to enable informal housing projects in Egypt.

Nathan Su, Diploma 9 - Through Leviathan’s Eyes
Jisoo Hwang, Diploma 10 - Shared Roof
Joshua Penk, Diploma 11 - Confluence: A strategy for the archaeological excavations and development of Convoys wharf
Rory Sherlock, Diploma 14 - Breaking the Bottleneck: Appropriation of the Internet in the Nile Delta
Jonathan Cheng, Diploma 17 - “Where is the Center?” 

All lectures are open to members of the public, staff and students unless otherwise stated.

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