AA PhD Symposium

Algorithms & Actualisation - 4/4 Organised by Elif Erdine and Ali Farzaneh

Series: AA PhD Symposium
Date: Friday 12 December 2014
Time: 18:00
Venue: Lecture Hall
Running time: 127 mins

With guest speakers: Mark Burry, John Frazer, Xavier de Kestelier

All Day Event

ALGORITHMS & ACTUALISATION is a one-day international conference put forth by the PhD in Architectural Design students at the Architectural Association. The symposium will explore the theoretical and design-oriented implications of computation in PhD design research at various scales. In recent decades, the role of computation in architectural research has had a profound impact in terms of empowering designers to breach into other fields including various scientific domains, infusing innovative ideas into design. As a result, algorithmic design has developed towards an interdisciplinary domain that integrates different mathematical and biological algorithms into architectural cultures. Computational design has established itself as a fundamental aspect of critical design thinking, including the simulation of physical and mathematical phenomena and their evolution as basis for information-based design approaches.

As such, while techniques and methods which associate computation and design research in novel ways are discussed, the effects of new design paradigms brought forward by computation on PhD research will be questioned. Over a three-session, all-day event, the symposium will be set up to discuss the current ongoing research, incorporating the interdisciplinary domains of biology, mathematics, artificial intelligence, urbanism, and other related fields. Moreover, the sessions will debate how such different domains integrate with architectural design by setting up innovative methodologies which employ computation on a multitude of levels. Throughout the day, three keynote lecturers and six current Ph.D.in Architectural Design students from the AA and other leading institutions will present their work and discuss the aforementioned sub-topics. Ultimately, ALGORITHMS & ACTUALISATION targets to comprehend the field of computational design in relation to ongoing PhD design research.



11:00 Opening Remarks (Brett Steele)

Session I

11:20 Greig Paterson (UCL Bartlett)
11:40 Sina Mostafavi (TU Delft)
12:00 KEYNOTE SPEAKER Xavier De Kestelier (Foster + Partners)
12:45 SESSION 1 DISCUSSION (Mark Burry chairs discussion with Xavier De Kestelier)

13:05 Lunch

Session II

14:30 Kostas Grigoriadis (RCA)
14:50 Sarat Babu (UCL Bartlett)
15:10 KEYNOTE SPEAKER Mark Burry (RMIT) 
15:55 SESSION 2 DISCUSSION (John Frazer chairs discussion with Mark Burry)

16:15 Break

Session III

16:30 Ali Farzaneh (AA)
16:50 Elif Erdine (AA)
17:10 KEYNOTE SPEAKER John Frazer (EGS)
17:55 SESSION 3 DISCUSSION (Xavier De Kestelier chairs discussion with John Frazer)
18:15 Round Table Discussion
18:45 Conclusion

All lectures are open to members of the public, staff and students unless otherwise stated.

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