Brett Steele, Helen Castle, Patrik Schumacher, Mario Carpo, Theodore Spyropoulos, Robert Stuart Smith, Shajay Bhooshan, Ross Lovegrove, Enriqueta Llabres & Eduardo Rico

Rethinking Architecture’s Agenda for the 21st Century: Launch of AD Parametricism 2.0 - Part 1

Series: Symposium
Date: Friday 29 April 2016
Time: 14:00
Venue: Lecture Hall
Running time: 111 mins

Architecture, urbanism and all design disciplines are challenged by the diversity, complexity and dynamism of contemporary urban life processes within post-fordist network society. Parametricism is architecture/design’s most compelling answer to these challenges. Parametricism takes full advantage of the computational revolution that drives contemporary civilization and is congenial to advances in engineering based on computational optimization techniques. However, parametricism has to shift its discursive emphasis from technical to social functionality and explicitly demonstrate how its methodology and repertoire are geared up to address the requirements of contemporary social dynamics and institutions. 

2.15 pm: Brett Steele – Welcome
2.30 pm: Patrik Schumacher – Introduction to Parametricism 2.0
3.20 pm: Mario Carpo – History of Parametricism
3.40 pm: Robert Stuart Smith  - Behavioural Production: A Swarm Constructed Architecture 

Break 4.00 – 4.20

4.20 pm: Theodore Spyropoulos – Behavioural Complexity: Constructing Frameworks as Human Machine Ecologies
4.40 pm: Shajay Bhooshan  - CODE: Upgrading Computational Design
5.00 pm: Ross Lovegrove – Super-natural: Parametricism in Product Design
5.20 pm: Enriqueta Llabres & Eduardo Rico – Parametric-Relational Urbanism

Break 5.40 – 6.00

6.00 pm: Round table host Helen Castle – Rethinking Architecture’s Agenda for the 21st Century


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