ROUSSE, Georges

The Imaginary Studio

Series: Art and Architecture: rooms, buildings, peninsulas; organised by Parveen Adams
Date: Friday 20 November 2015
Time: 18:30
Venue: Lecture Hall
Running time: 83 mins

Georges Rousse considers himself painter, sculptor, architect and photographer. He creates virtual spaces. He is interestedin geometry and architecture and his installations transform the spaces in which he works - abandoned and soon to be demolished buildings. Rousse draws all this together with a single final photograph shot from a pre-determined position. In this way he gives the space new life. His installations can constitute public events as in Chile and in Durham (U.S.A.) where thousands visited Bending Space with its eleven installations.

His work raises questions about the materials of art and the traditional distinctions between the arts. His anamorphic work shows the complicity between painting and sculpture His is a new way of asking what is a building, what is reality, what is photography.

Georges Rousse has created installations and photographs since the early1980s and exhibited all over the world. He has shown in biennales in Paris, Venice and Sydney and won awards from the International Centre for Photography, New York; the Salon de Montrouge Drawing Prize; the Romain Roland Fellowship in Calcutta, the National Grand Prix of Photography. His works feature in major collections in France and abroad.

Image: Coblence 1993 © Georges Rousse

This lecture is part of the Term 1 lecture series Art and Architecture: rooms, buildings, peninsulas; organised by Parveen Adams. Other lectures in this series include Loss as Architecture by Jonas Dahlberg, and Invisible Dead Room by Gregor Schneider. 

All lectures are open to members of the public, staff and students unless otherwise stated.

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