ROCHE, Francois

Ecosophical Apparatus and Skizoïd Machines 2/2

Date: Thursday 29 April 2010
Time: 18:00
Running time: 17 mins

Machines are always pretending to do more than they were programmed to do. It's their nature. The blur between what they are supposed to do, as perfect alienated and domesticated creatures, and the anthropomorphic psychology we intentionally project on to them, creates a spectrum of potentiality, both interpretative and productive.
Machines are a vector of narration, generators of rumour and directly operational, with an accurate efficiency of production. These multiple disorders could be considered a tool for reopening processes and subjectivities, for re'protocolising' indeterminacy and uncertainties. In this way, they become agents of blur logic, of reactive and re-programmable logic.
R&Sie(n) was founded in 1989 by François Roche and Stéphanie Lavaux. Their architectural work is simultaneously organic, biological and critical. It seeks to articulate the real and/or fictional, geographic situations and narrative structures that can transform them.
Among the recent teaching positions held by R&Sie(n) and François Roche over the last decade are the Angewangde in Vienna in 2008, the USC-LA in 2009 and currently Columbia (research professor), since 2006.Their architectural designs have been shown internationally, and their work has been selected frequently for exhibition at both the French pavilion and the international section at the Venice Architecture Biennales since 1990, most recently in 2008.
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