FORMAT Issue 2

Chat Show Format with Sam Jacob and Shumon Basar

Series: Lecture
Date: Wednesday 4 July 2012
Time: 18:30
Venue: New Soft Room
Running time: 75 mins

FORMAT is a ‘live magazine’ looking at the shapes that discourse takes. This summer from 4 to 17 July at the AA, Issue 2 will talk about talking, show what it means to show something, and present the hidden politics of presentation. Mixing anecdote and analysis, seminars with screenings and singing, FORMAT’s themed, reflexive sessions look back on how knowledge has been formatted into disciplines, institutions, technologies — as well as how the present moment questions or surpasses received formats of cultural consumption. Paraphrasing Marshall McLuhan, ‘The format is the massage.’

Organised by Shumon Basar

SAM JACOB is an architect and writer who teaches at the AA and UIC, Chicago.

SHUMON BASAR is a writer, editor, curator and Director of the Cultural Programme at the AA.


Issue 2
Summer 2012

features a format that turns analyst’s couch into sofa; a format that resists the powers that be; a format that preys on your secret weaknesses and non-existent desires; a format that repeats what you know differently and format that says what you didn’t know you wanted to know.


4 July
chat show format

presents psychological furniture, psychoanalytical entertainment and psycho breakdowns 
with sam jacob and shumon basar
Guest video appearances from parkinson, oprah, donohue, wogan
and charlie rose


6 July
protest format

with michael brooke and harry giles


11 July
spam format

with contributions from cressida kocienski, wayne daly and hito steyerl 


13 July
cover version format

with tamara barnett-herrin, sophie c. bernhard and mark fisher


17 July
commentary format

with victoria camblin, cécile b. evans and guests

All lectures are open to members of the public, staff and students unless otherwise stated.

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