The Library is on Fire

Part 1/Creature: Charles Arsène-Henry

Series: other
Date: Thursday 3 May 2012
Time: 12:00
Venue: New Soft Room
Running time: 64 mins

Thursday 3 to Saturday 5 May, New Soft Room

What if a library was to function like a novel or a film? The Library is on Fire will occupy the New Soft Room with a programme of texts, images and sounds: an experimental form of reading room. Material from the collection will be available for reference during the course of the day.  

Thursday 3 May, Part 1/Creature
12.00–6.00 Reading and Screening Room
6.00 Presentation by Charles Arsène-Henry: The fictional librarian will be introduced: a creature that searches inside books and film for the form of its intelligence.

Friday 4 May, Part 2/Volume
12.00–6.00 Reading and Screening Room
6.00 Presentation by Shumon Basar: The Library’s ways of acquiring and organising its collection will be described, using institutional precedents that appear in films such as Toute la mémoire du Monde and Wings of Desire, as well as other vessels of space/time volume.

Saturday 5 May, Part 3/Tracking Shot
1.00 Seminar and screenings by Michael Brooke
Film critic and theorist Michael Brooke will conduct a seminar on the language of the ‘tracking shot’ in the history of cinema, including Week-end, The Shining and The Night is Young

The Library is on Fire, conceived by Charles Arsène-Henry, is the second hemisphere of the future LUMA Foundation library. 

All lectures are open to members of the public, staff and students unless otherwise stated.

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