Architecture as Counter Culture - Volume 24 Roundtable 2/2

Roundtable with Jeffrey Inaba, Mark Wigley, Brett Steele and guests including Graham Caine, Peter Crump, David Greene, Charles Holland and ines Weizman

Series: Evening Lecture
Date: Friday 14 January 2011
Time: 13:00
Venue: Lecture Hall
Running time: 23 mins

'If you remember the 60s, you weren't there'
Grace Slick, Jefferson Airplane

This afternoon event includes a roundtable discussion led by Jeffrey Inaba, Features Editor of VOLUME, an independent quarterly for architecture. Issue 24 of the journal, published in autumnn 2010, examines current interests and recent histories of counterculture: in architecture, the environment, politics, art and culture. The 1960s countercultural roots of the hippie generation are now mainstream, and alternative values of 40 years ago can now be seen to guide the world of technology. At first glance, what appears prescient about the 1960s when looking at current US culture is the preoccupation with computer technology, the natural environment and alternative forms of community; but today each is disconnected from the radical political action and oppositional ideologies of the earlier era. Discuss.

This afternoon's roundtable conversation will include Jeffrey Inaba, Mark Wigley and others, and will be moderated by Brett Steele.
Jeffrey Inaba is director of the Columbia Laboratory for Architectural Broadcasting (C-Lab), in Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. This research unit studies urban and architecture issues of public consequence. C-Lab experiments with forms of architectural communication that it presents through various outlets including Volume magazine and online, print, and exhibition venues. Inaba is features editor at Volume and the author of World of Giving (Lars Muller, 2010).

All lectures are open to members of the public, staff and students unless otherwise stated.

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