Work Your Talk

Series: Public Occasion Agency
Date: Thursday 4 March 2010
Time: 18:02
Running time: 87 mins

Work Your Talk, organised by Calvin Chua and Fabrizio Matillana, brings together five groups – Expeditio (Montenegro), re:ACT (Singapore), Espacio Expresion and (Y)NCLUYE (Peru) and Posibilidades del Paisaje (Colombia) – that apply their discourse directly in the communities that they work with, shifting the discussion from theory to engagement. This session will allow the exchange of ideas about different modes of operations from urban regeneration schemes to conservation projects and community design workshops. Online communication tools will test out new ways of hosting lectures with remotely located participants.

Expeditio encourages sustainable spatial development from architecture to cultural heritage. Re:Act promote architecture with a social conscience. Espacio Expresion has been working on the reconstruction of Pisco, southern Lima. (Y)NCLUYE explores the relationships between architects and civic space in Lima. Posibilidades del Paisaje was involved in the social  regeneration of Medellin. 

Public Occasion Agency
The Public Occasion Agency (POA) has been established as a framework for a new element of the AA’s Public Programme. It aims to expand the field of knowledge at the school through staging events. The nature of the cultural environment is engaged as an energetic force of production. For this reason the POA systematically collaborates with various parts of the wider AA community to actualise a wide, but focused, range of events.
As part of the POA’s institutional enterprise, each event is accompanied by two paper publications, one preview and one review. These will form the basis of the POA public archive.

All lectures are open to members of the public, staff and students unless otherwise stated.

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