Peter Macapia, Donald Kunze, Renée Tobe, Kathryn Brown, Hugh Campbell

The Intimate Metropolis 6/11

Date: Friday 31 October 2003
Time: 00:00
Running time: 80 mins

The distinction between 'public' and 'private' is entrenched in our value judgements, our systems of legislation, and the structuring of our physical surroundings. It has direct consequences for the way we lead our lives. Yet the ways in which we distinguish between public and private, and to what effect, are issues less frequently discussed. This conference focuses on the manifestations in architectural and urban form and other means of representation of the multiple interactions between private and public, urban and domestic. Peter Macapia - The General & the Specific: Tatis Playtime & Urban Geometry. Donald Kunze - Rear Window & the Tower of Babel: The Topology of Public & Private. Discussion chaired by Renée Tobe, featuring Kathryn Brown, Hugh Campbell, Peter Macapia, Donald Kunze.

All lectures are open to members of the public, staff and students unless otherwise stated.

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