Marking The Forest Amplifier, 2013

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Marking The Forest

Eugene, Oregon

Thursday 13 – Sunday 23 August 2015

Marking the Forest is a workshop providing the opportunity to invent, design and build a living structure within an old growth forest in Oregon. Over an intense 10-day period, the group will investigate the natural lifecycle of the forest and propose solutions for thoughtfully marking and occupying its terrain. Having created an occupiable ’camera obscura’, an oculus’ and the ‘amplifier’ in previous years, this year we will attempt to push the boundaries of a forest intervention to an even higher level. Creating a dynamic structure that reinvents the way in which the forest and its terrain, life cycle and temporality are viewed, will allow the group to imagine a structure beyond the realms of reality.

Our final evening will see us toasting our successes with a ‘feast in the forest’ attended by visionaries, creators, architects, professors and artists who will, with the group, debate, support, challenge and speculate on whether our intervention is a success. All of this will be done with the merriment of the local produce and landscape.

The project will be part of a book published by the Architectural Association at the conclusion of this five-year program.

The visiting school is a collaboration between the Architectural Association, the University of Oregon, School of Architecture and Allied Arts, and the Bauman Family Tree Farm; a 700-acre forest near Veneta, Oregon.

The course is directed by Kristin Cross (director, Satellite Architects, London) and Stewart Dodd, (AA Unit Master) together with visiting faculty members Jason Griffiths (University of Arizona) and Scrap Marshall (AA Dip 2012) and Justin Austen (UofO).






Programme Directors
Kristin Cross
Stewart Dodd

Head of Visiting School

Christopher Pierce

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