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Bibliotheca Alexandrina & ENCODE, Alexandria, Egypt

For its second year, the AA Alexandria visiting school will attempt to cross the boundary from a controlled sonic space design to a public one. Egypt has a communal culture; its population thrives on socialization and family ties. Old neighborhoods are extremely vibrant, such that almost every district is clustered around a social element, where there is a coffee shop with regular customers. People gather in these vibrant yet narrow interstitial urban spaces most of their day. If you walking down an old narrow alley, it is very normal to see men sitting on rickety tables socializing, smoking, and drinking loudly; while women in the windows above are talking to (or spying on) their across-the-alley neighbors. This layering of activity in tight and narrow urban spaces creates rich harmonic waves. Some may feel that this is too ‘noisy’, or may fall under the category of sound pollution. Although, adding sound waves may seem like it should increase the ‘noise’ level, students will find that this is not necessarily the case. This workshop will let the students design their own urban sound. The research well be analyzed based on the design program set.

The forum Harmonicz studio – AA Alexandria Visiting School 2013, aims to study the characteristics of these waves. The design agenda this year targets landscape sound installations research. Students will be working with sound at a fundamental wave frequency analysis. They will learn how to manipulate the sonic character of the space by attenuating, amplify, or dampening one or more harmonics of a wave. Through an acoustic understanding the team will create sound installations through a design process that will include digital, electronic, and fabrication techniques (Processing, Aurdino, Grasshopper modeling). All of which will be taught during the workshop. 





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Programme Director
Merate Barakat

Head of Visiting School

Christopher Pierce

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F +44 20 7414 0782

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