Intermediate 9 Intermediate 9 Projects Review installation view, 2017, photo Valerie Bennett

A Wood Ant, a Five-Year-Old and a Waffle

Christopher Pierce, Christopher Matthews, Amandine Kastler

While architecture succumbs to the global forces of finance, efficiency and the standardisation of BIM, cuisine has evolved as the last stronghold of context. We'll continue to use the most contemporary operative form of contextualisation - foraging - as a method of discovery and designing to create a deeply resonant and particular architectural language.

Avoiding what Noma chef René Redzepi describes as the foolhardiness of attempting to transform classical French cooking into Nordic cuisine ("How do you make a Scandinavian crème brûlée?" he asked), we'll similarly side-step the myriad of "panel" architecture scattered around Oslo to emphasise a "home-grown" idiom made up of a lot of what is conventionally overlooked. In the same way that Esben Holmboe Bang and his team at the three-star Michelin restaurant Maaemo take to Oslo and its outskirts, scouting for ideas and influences, we'll take to the same terrain - including Lyngør Islands, the Faroe Islands and Iceland - to fill each of our own individual "larders".

In collaboration with Empirical Spirits in Copenhagen, our explorations will be guided by the mysterious processes of distillation and fermentation. Through extracting essential meaning and transforming material characteristics we'll discover unfamiliar architectural languages, move Maaemo to Ekebergparken, and create new layers of building and cultural history by tapping into the rich vein of Nordic mythology. Via radical experimentation and meticulous documentation, we'll head into the unknown careful to avoid the intoxication of the "drunken God".

In Intermediate 9 each student is a studio. While delving deeper into Oslo's existing city fabric, our work will smell, sound, look, feel and taste like nothing the city has ever never known or witnessed. We'll continue to emphasise drawing, stop-motion models and films that articulate the time-based nature of projects.

Unit Staff

Christopher Pierce completed his architecture studies at Virginia Tech and gained a PhD at the University of Edinburgh. He has published widely on seventeenthcentury drawings, contemporary architects and buildings, and food.

Christopher Matthews is director of PMA Studio and a graduate of the Bartlett. He worked for James Stirling, Michael Wilford and Associates on projects including the Singapore Arts Centre, the Lowry and No 1 Poultry before setting up PMA Studio in 2000.

Amandine Kastler has worked at OMA/AMO Rotterdam and David Chipperfield Architects and now directs her own studio as well as the AA Visiting School in Lyngør, Norway. She studied at the AA, graduating with Honours in 2010. She was awarded multiple prizes including the RIBA Bronze Medal.


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