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Christopher Pierce, Christopher Matthews, Amandine Kastler

Expect the unexpected. While we continue our efforts to define the Nordic region (this year in Stockholm), we will totally eradicate the contemporary architect’s lazy and limited lexicon of concrete and steel in favour of new material explorations that draw heavily on our site’s microbiome. We source our inspiration, methods and materials locally not for the sake of it but because we believe it’s the only way to derive a new theory and practice of contextualism. Almost every village, town, city and global conurbation is drowning in an increasingly ubiquitous architectural language and in most of these locations there’s a cultural and building heritage that’s close to collapse. We will travel, tune-in and work to counter all these homogenizing tendencies.

The unit exercises a careful balance between freedom and constraint, and between real issues and radical experimentation, to unearth and rediscover contextual architectural principles that establish new connections with nature, history, archaeology, mythology and, ultimately, our place in the world. It is our view that your freedom to think, dream and create is enhanced by a precise brief in a defined location with all the accompanying parameters and engagement with external agents and experts that a live project entails.

We’ll start out this year back in our laboratory meticulously experimenting with a wide range of place-based materials, many of which are, or should be, shared between Magnus Nilsson’s kitchen (a source of enduring local invention) and building. To finish the year, we’ll make imaginative and original architectural projects that don’t stop two-dimensionally at 1:20, but that deploy your material and consequent constructional expertise three-dimensionally, at 1:2.

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Christopher Pierce completed his architecture studies at Virginia Tech and gained a PhD at the University of Edinburgh. He is currently working on a book, Recipes for Food and Architecture.

Christopher Matthews is director of PMA Studio and a graduate of the Bartlett. He worked for James Stirling, Michael Wilford and Associates on projects including the Singapore Arts Centre, the Lowry and No 1 Poultry before setting up PMA Studio in 2000.

Amandine Kastler has worked at OMA/AMO Rotterdam and David Chipperfield Architects and now directs her own studio. She graduated with Honours from the AA in 2010, and has been awarded multiple prizes including the RIBA Bronze Medal.

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