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Taneli Mansikkamäki, Max Turnheim

‘The human mind discovered a means of perpetuating itself which was not only more lasting and resistant than architecture but also simpler and easier. Architecture was dethroned. The lead characters of Gutenberg succeeded the stone characters of Orpheus. The book was to kill the building.’
– Victor Hugo, translated by John Sturrock, Notre-Dame de Paris, 1831

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On what terms do we favour a design process over the other, when often the end results are so similar? The contemporary city grows as if it follows an algorithm, and the common endeavour of this course is to modify these patterns. This course continues to explore the seemingly contradictory relationship between the universal and singular qualities of a context.

Doing so at the beginning of the twenty-first century is a difficult task. Indeed, theoretical confusion, rapid technological shifts and political turmoil are matched only by the ecological crisis or the economical instability of our times. This global context cannot simply be accepted as a backdrop but must, on the contrary, be understood as the landscape we navigate in search of new opportunities for change.

While seeking out these moments we will drive and direct our attention to the mundane. Drawing on Hugo’s analysis of the medieval downfall of architecture’s symbolic power due to the printing press we will focus our methodology on space rather than image. The expected projects are de ned by several successive outcomes: a small-scaled or handheld object showing detail and direct physical manipulation, a spatial sequence establishing a set of geometrical tools and lastly a building with an explicit relation to order, form and context.

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Taneli Mansikkamäki is a Finnish architect based in London, founder of AGO and has taught at the AA since 2011. His practice focuses on the multiplicity of urban life and the fundamentals of space. Since relocating to London he has worked with several architectural offices, including the erstwhile Future Systems. Max Turnheim has founded UHO in 2013 after running the studio École alongside Nicolas Simon in 2007. He currently teaches at the AA and at the École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris-Malaquais. His theoretical contribution to the eld of architecture can be read in publications San Rocco and Real Review.

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