Intermediate 1 Yana Kushpitovska, Isotopic Space of Freedom, 2016-17 - space with no floors, no ceilings and no walls. A space of freedom of movement, where a new form of three-dimensional inhabitation can take place. Where new social behaviour and interaction can exist, accelerating the body. Where a person can build a new relationship with architecture and other people.

Tools for Architecture - Human Behaviour

Lara Lesmes, Fredrik Hellberg

What we design ends up designing us back. Intermediate 1 - Tools for Architecture - designs from the inside-out, beginning with the psychological effects of architecture, working our way towards the immediate space around the body, to how these elements of a building system can generate experience across multiple places and for different purposes.

This year we will look at the relationship between space and behaviour, focusing in ontological terms on the feedback loop that exists between us and what we design. From the first primitive hut to the International Space Station, it is increasingly difficult to draw the line between us and architecture. The boundaries get blurred. Maybe we are the architecture we design. With this in mind - and in the firm belief that before we design for others we must first understand ourselves - our investigations will emphasise how humans inhabit space and speculate on its many possible alterations.

Simulating the spatial experience in real-time using virtual digital models will give us insight into our mental and bodily understanding of architecture. Building a vocabulary that can objectively describe architectural experiences will enable us to accurately design them. Designing and resolving building systems to deliver such experiences will give us the chance to learn from the past and imagine the future of construction. And our collaborations with professionals in the fields of psychology, neurology, VR and sense-analysis technologies will give us insight into the worlds to come.

Unit Staff

Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg founded the design and research practice SpacePopular in Bangkok in 2013. After spending five years teaching and developing the school at INDA they returned to London, where they have completed installations, lectured internationally, are currently designing houses in Spain and developing research for architecture for virtual reality.


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