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Shin Egashira

Some underwear, a garden gnome, a log-splitting axe, and a toilet roll holder are among a collection of familiar-objects – apparently unrelated – found inside a room behind a historic facade of uptown Zagreb. Along with them are letters and stories allowing viewers to recognise each object as a hinge that holds together two versions of a story.This Museum of Broken Relationships, is described by its founders in Zagreb as a space comprising holograms, of memories and emotions. It gathers and transmits discussions of wider historical and socio-political issues reflected in the fragility of human relationships.

From stories that take place inside a living room to urban plans that have failed to deliver what they have promised, we too can prescribe London as a city forged from broken relationships.

From a post-colonial and post-industrial perspective, London is a collaged city made up of the frictions between different values and languages. Broken families, mismatched couples and misfit individuals with remarkable stories all entangle with their furniture, buildings and incidental spaces.

What is the inherent structure of the city that enables it to give room to exceptions (events, products, and architecture that are accidental and bespoke)? How does it allow time for various relationships to break apart while some memories fade away and others start anew? What are the mechanisms of the interventions that keep the landscape of the city alive, where nothing works as intended? What is the architectural language that celebrates the sense of mismatch?

Diploma 11 will investigate London’s interiority by searching and listening to the stories of broken relationships. We will sample incomplete pieces of architecture, which speak of love stories between people and buildings and unresolved spaces of the city seen as manifestations of conflicting values embedded in its fabric.

The unit invites students to investigate the undefined theme of Interior Urbanism, to contribute their individual values towards an assessment of the importance of interiority as against the instrumental forces of urban erasure driven by the current economic and political climate of the UK. We would like to form a collection of semi-fictional scenarios and storyboards as an anthology from which London can be rewritten and recomposed from things as found.

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Shin Egashira, an architect and artist, has taught at the AA since 1990 and has been the Unit Master of Diploma 11 since 1997. Working on installations, drawings and sculptures, he also created and directs the Koshirakura Landscape Workshop, an annual event in the mountains of Niigata, Japan, in which participants from all over the world join the Koshirakura village community to design, build and enjoy meals together.

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