Diploma 10 Terence Lim (Fourth Year), Diploma 10 (2015-16), City Fringe

Turning Clockwise to Southwark

Carlos Villanueva Brandt

"Lets work with context and ask questions..."

CONTEXT: "Learning from the city, can we identify what variables make up today's true context for the insertion of transformative spatial interventions?"

CIVIC: "Turning clockwise from Tower Hamlets, what civic spaces and buildings, which give priority to the user over the consumer, should we propose to transform the Borough of Southwark?"

POLITICS: "In politics, after the referendum, it is all change, but can the political be reintroduced into architecture?'

SITUATIONS: 'Using situations to isolate the live realm and to reassess how social situations influence physical space, should we construct situations when we design space?"

SPACE: "By redefining the variables that make up context, we will experiment with, propose and find ways of representing space, but can we create spaces that intrinsically combine physical and social structures?'

TERRITORY: 'Choosing random territories within Southwark and acknowledging that the city effortlessly incorporates multiple physical, social, political and cultural territories, can we apply the multi-layered and hybrid nature of a city territory to the making of architectural space?"

ABSTRACTION: "Building on architecture's abstract forms of representation, we will invent new types of working drawings and further develop the use of a spatial digital construct, but can we use abstraction to generate new ways of engaging with the reality of the city"

DIRECT: "After scanning a situation, an architectural space and a territory in Southwark and accepting that the term 'direct' acknowledges and exploits the fact that the city's space is made up of a combination of the fabric of the city and the situations that take place within it, how can we insert, rather than impose, architectural interventions composed of situations, spaces and strategies that have a direct effect on their context?"

"Lets reassess architectural space and answer these questions."

Unit Staff

Carlos Villanueva Brandt has been Diploma 10 Unit Master since 1986 and was awarded the RIBA President's Silver Medal Tutor Prize 2000. The varied work of Carlos Villanueva Brandt Architecture, formed in 1984, has been widely published and exhibited. He is a founder member of NATØ (Narrative Architecture Today), has taught in Housing and Urbanism in the AA Graduate School, was visiting professor at the Royal College of Art and is currently a visiting professor at Tokyo University of the Arts. He has been a lecturer, critic and examiner at various schools in Britain, Europe, Latin America and Asia, has written numerous essays, and his book London +10 was published in 2010.


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