Media Studies

Media Studies

Department Head: Kate Davies
Department Staff: Miraj Ahmed, Sebastian Andia, Charles Arsène-Henry, Kasper Ax, Sue Barr, Shin Egashira, Juliet Haysom, Anderson Inge, Sergio Irigoyen, Thomas Tørslev Jensen, Alex Kaiser, Mara Kanthak, Oliviu Lugojan-Ghenciu, Antoni Malinowski, Nicholas Mortimer, Taneli Mansikkamäki, Flavien Menu, Inigo Minns, Alison Moffett, Joel Newman, Thomas Pearce, Joseph Popper, Caroline Rabourdin, Thomas Randall-Page, Mattia Santi, Francesca Silvi, Nathan Su, Emmanuel Vercruysse

Media Studies is a testing ground for exploring the processes and methods involved in making architecture. Operating a diverse multidisciplinary programme, it encourages students to interrogate the tools with which we speculate, manipulate and play; compute and control; communicate, seduce and provoke. By actively testing modes of production through focused acts of doing and making, Media Studies presents a range of opportunities for students to develop individual practice and hone dexterity with both established and progressive media. As techniques and concepts in fabrication, computation and representation continue to evolve, the programme deploys a range of tools - from pencil to point-cloud - in order to both reinforce and reinvent the methods by which students approach design and architecture.

AA Media Studio

First and Second Year students are required to enrol in studio-based courses, while Intermediate Media Studies courses are open to any Third Year or Diploma student. The department staff possesses a breadth of expertise - encompassing architecture, the arts and technology - and this year's courses address a wide range of creative media, including: hand drawing, 3D scanning, video, photography, typography, digital modelling, narrative, textiles, analogue and digital fabrication, casting, scripting, immersive and interactive media, fieldwork, curating and electronics.

AA Media Saturday School

Media Studies also offers a range of extracurricular, weekend workshops and courses for students to develop new skills and working methods to support their studio projects.


Working with the AA Computer Lab, Media Studies offers a range of one-day software courses allowing students to quickly grasp fundamental techniques in major digital applications for architecture.

Unit Staff

Kate Davies is an artist, architect and co-founder of nomadic design studio Unknown Fields, art practice LiquidFactory and field robotics group RAVEN. She undertakes site-specific and expedition-based work and operates between writing, drawing, film and photography. Kate was unit master of Diploma 6 for eight years and taught MArch at the Bartlett, UCL. She is now director of the Unknown Fields Research Studio at the AA.

Miraj Ahmed is a painter and architect. He has taught at the AA since 2000 and is an associate lecturer at Camberwell College of Art. He was a design fellow at Cambridge University from 2006 to 2014.

Charles Arsène-Henry founded the speculative research agency White Box Black Box in 2009. He is conceiving The Library is on Fire with the Luma foundation and writing Metacamera Suspense Bluedrift

Kasper Ax is a PhD fellow at CITA in Copenhagen and founding partner of AWJ Architects. He has worked at LASSA Architects and Asymptote. He has taught at a number of schools including the AA, the Bartlett and the University of Westminster.

Sue Barr studied at the London College of Printing where she specialised in photographing brutalist architecture and now works internationally as an architectural photographer. She is currently a PhD candidate at the RCA.

Shin Egashira has taught at the AA since 1990 and has been the Unit Master of Diploma 11 since 1997. He conducts landscape workshops in rural communities around the world.

Juliet Haysom trained at the Ruskin School, University of Oxford, the RCA the AA. She is developing two solo artist's commissions on the site of a nineteenth-century prison and a new pedestrian route in Bristol. She is the lead artist for a new park on Unity Street in Bristol.

Anderson Inge trained in both architecture and structures at MIT, and in fine arts at Central St Martins. He has developed a pedagogy for drawing and visualisation, which he delivers at numerous institutions, currently at the AA and the Rural Studio.

Sergio Irigoyen is an architect, computer graphics artist and video game developer, currently leading the department of real-time visualisation and virtual reality at Neutral Digital. His main research focuses on video games tools and techniques applied to architectural visualization and design. He holds a Masters from the Bartlett.

Thomas Tørslev Jensen is an architect and partner of Copenhagen-based AxJensen Design/ Architecture. He holds an MArch from the AADRL and has taught at several schools including Aarhus School of Architecture, the Royal Academy in Copenhagen and Diploma 17 at the AA.

Alex Kaiser studied architecture at Oxford Brookes and the AA. In 2011 he co-founded the practice Ordinary Ltd, an East London studio focused on creative investigations at the intersection of architecture, digital fabrication, material sciences and theory.

Mara Kanthak works at the intersection of art and architecture. Her approach is inspired by literature and theatrical performance, narration and speculations on culture, societies, ecosystems, landscapes and technologies. She works for muf Architecture Art and has taught at both TU Berlin and the Bartlett.

Oliviu Lugojan-Ghenciu is senior interaction designer and art director at Neutral Digital, an agency that specialises in VR and other immersive interactive solutions. He has taught at Princeton University School of Architecture, the Bartlettn and the AA.

Antoni Malinowski works with pigment, light, movement and time to investigate the relationship that exists between pictorial and architectural spaces. He has taught the Materiality of Colour at the AA since 2002 and in 2012 initiated the research cluster Saturated Space, now an independent colour research platform.

Taneli Mansikkamäki is an architect, musician and a studio master of the Foundation at the AA. He is a founder of A Geometry Office, based in Clerkenwell. Previously he worked with Future Systems.

Flavien Menu studied at the École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Versailles and has a postgraduate degree in Urban Affairs. He has been published widely, and his expertise includes developing strategic research projects as well as complex urban development schemes for BIG Copenhagen.

Inigo Minns has taught at a variety of colleges in different disciplines in the UK and elsewhere for 12 years and runs Diploma 12 at the AA.

Alison Moffett is an artist and educator. Originally from Tennessee, she obtained an MRA from the Slade School of Fine Art and an MA in history and critical thinking from the AA.

Nicholas Mortimer and Joseph Popper are artists and co-founders of Scene Everything studio. Both work with narrative and fiction in a range of media including film, sculpture and performance. As Scene Everything they specialise in installation art and exhibition and set design.

Joel Newman studied fine art at Reading University. He has been a media studies tutor since 1998 and has exhibited his video works at galleries including the Architecture Foundation, the ICA, the Whitechapel Art Gallery and the AA.

Thomas Pearce is an architectural designer, researcher and cultural historian. He has worked in practice as a specialist for digital capture, design and fabrication and is currently working on a PhD by Design at the Bartlett, where he is also an undergraduate unit master.

Caroline Rabourdin graduated from INSA Strasbourg, the Bartlett and holds a PhD from UAL. Her research interests include spatial theory, phenomenology, geometry, spatial literature and comparative literature. At the AA she teaches on the History & Critical Thinking MA and directs the AA Visiting School Paris.

Thomas Randall-Page is an architect and co-founder of Building Works Unit. He also leads a unit by the same name at Oxford Brookes University, where he focuses on teaching through making and working at 1:1 scale. Prior to setting up his own practice he worked at both 6a architects and Heatherwick Studio.

Mattia Santi is an architect and computational designer based in London. He holds an MArch (AADRL) and has collaborated with a number of practices including Robofold, Farshid Moussavi Architects and Alvisi Kirimoto+Partners. He is now an architect at Zaha Hadid Architects.

Francesca Silvi is an architect and computational designer based in London. She holds an MArch from the Bartlett and completed a Masters in architectural engineering in Rome. Having previously worked in Rome, she now works as an architect for Zaha Hadid Architects.

Nathan Su is a designer and storyteller who works through speculation, architecture and film. His short films include Through Leviathan's Eyes and The Atlas of False Desires, which was awarded Best Short Film at the 2017 Sci-Fi- London Film Festival. He studied architecture at the University of Melbourne and at the AA, and has tutored a unit at the AA Summer School. He is currently working as an animator at Forensic Architecture.

Emmanuel Vercruysse trained in both furniture design and architecture. He co-directs AA Design + Make at Hooke Park, is co-founder of LiquidFactory and a member of Sixteen Makers and RAVEN, a field robotics group. He was a senior teaching fellow at the Bartlett, where he also led the Robotics and Cad-Cam research lab, overseeing its development into one of the UK's leading design fabrication facilities.


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