History and Theory Studies Opening of Zaha Hadid, Planetary Architecture Two at the AA, 1983

History and Theory Studies

Department Head: Mark Cousins
Department Staff: First Year - Course Lecturer Pier Vittorio Aureli Course Tutor Manolis Stavrakakis Teaching Assistants Gili Merin (AA PhD Candidate), Dorette Panagiotopoulou, Klaus Platzgummer, Alexandra Vougia, Aikaterini Zacharopoulou Second Year - Course Lecturers Mark Cousins, Mark Morris Course Tutor Sylvie Taher Teaching Assistants Eleni Axioti (AA PhD Candidate), Tatjana Crossley (AA PhD Candidate), Francesca Dell'Aglio, Georgios Eftaxiopoulos (AA PhD Candidate), Sofia Krimizi (AA PhD Candidate) Third Year - Course Lecturers Ryan Dillon, Costandis Kizis, Course Tutor Zaynab Zena Ziari, Teaching Assistants, Nerma Cridge, Costandis Kizis, Roberta Marcaccio, William Orr (AA PhD Candidate), Mercedes Rodrigo Garcia, Ricardo Ruivio Pereira (AA PhD Candidate) Diploma Course Tutors Edward Bottoms, Susan Chai, Judith Clarke, Mark Cousins, Brian Hatton, Francesca Hughes, Sofia Krimizi, Mercedes Rodrigo Garcia, Ricardo Ruivo Pereira (AA PhD Candidate), Sylvie Taher, Thanos Zartaloudis, Diploma Thesis Masters William Firebrace, Mark Campbell, Manolis Stavrakakis, General Tutor, Sylvie Taher

History & Theory Studies (HTS) courses run over all five years of academic study at the AA. They introduce students to the nature of architecture, not solely through the issue of design but also in the larger context of the discipline's relation to past, present, future and diverse cultures. Writing is a central skill for the developing architect - at a professional level, architects are increasingly expected to describe and analyse designs and buildings in written form. In response, History & Theory Studies has renewed these aspects of the courses, enabling students to articulate their own points of view in seminars and to develop their skills in writing for course requirements.

The first three years of HTS aim to provide a broad framework for the comprehension of architecture at different levels. First Year students are introduced to a number of concepts and categories central to design. Intellectually, work in the Second and Third Years (Intermediate School) weaves what students learn in their design units into the broader questions of architecture. Through a combination of personal tutorials, seminars and lectures, the course prompts students to question the relationship of architecture to the bigger picture of politics, history and professional organisation. Students in the Intermediate School will have access to a number of one-on-one tutorials in order to develop their essays and investigate, with tutors, their broader architectural interests and goals. Drawing on work undertaken in the Intermediate School, the HTS courses offered in the Diploma School allow students to continue to develop their practice as architects, researchers and writers. As in the Intermediate School, Diploma students produce written work. However, this submission can be supplemented by drawing or with other ways of representing their discourse. Students in each year can take part in the annual writing prize, held at
the end of Term 3.

A full account of courses and reading lists will be given in the Complementary Studies Course Booklet, which is available at the start of the academic year.

Unit Staff

Pier Vittorio Aureli is an architect, educator and unit master of Diploma 14. He is Davenport Visiting Professor at Yale University and co-founder of Dogma.

Edward Bottoms is the AA Archivist and has published on a range of subjects including art collecting, cast museums and the history of architectural education.

Mark Campbell directs the MPhil in Media Practices in the Graduate School.

Mark Cousins is Director of History and Theory at the AA. He was educated at Oxford and the Warburg Institute. He is guest professor at Southeast University in Nanjing, China.

Nerma Cridge holds an MSc in Architectural History from the Bartlett and a PhD from the AA, and runs her own practice, Drawing Agency.

Francesca Dell'Aglio is an architect and writer. She holds an MA in History and Critical Theory from the AA and edits the Venice-based journal Engramma.

Ryan Dillon has been unit master of Intermediate 5 since 2013 and teaches in the AA DRL.

Mercedes Rodrigo García is an architect and PhD candidate at Birkbeck College. She obtained her MArch from Research Architecture Goldsmiths and has taught at Oxford Brookes.

William Firebrace is the author of Marseille Mix and Memo for Nemo. His latest book, Star Theatre, on planetariums, will appear later this year.

Brian Hatton has taught on many AA courses since the 1980s. He is a Graham Foundation grant recipient and was 2009 Senior Mellon Fellow at the Canadian Centre for Architecture.

Francesca Hughes was a unit master of Diploma 15 from 2004-09. She has published a number of titles and is a partner in the Hughes Meyer Studio.

Costandis Kizis is is completing his PhD at the AA. He teaches at Leeds Beckett University and has practised with Kizis Architects since 2006.

Sofia Krimizi studied architecture in Athens and Columbia University GSAPP. She has taught design studios and research seminars at the Cooper Union, Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania and the Pratt Institute.

Alison Moffett is an artist and educator. Originally from Tennessee, she obtained an MFA from the Slade School of Fine Art and an MA in History and Critical Thinking from the AA.

Mark Morris is Head of Teaching and Learning at the AA. His research focuses on questions of visual representation in the context of the history of architectural education. He previously taught at Cornell University.

Klaus Platzgummer is an architect based in London and Zurich. A graduate of the ETH Zurich and the AA, He now practises as a writer, curator and editor.

Ricardo Ruivo Pereira is a researcher, educator and architect. He is currently an AA PhD candidate.

Manolis Stavrakakis holds a PhD from the AA. He has been practising and teaching as an architect since 2005.

Silvana Taher is a writer and architect. Her writing has appeared in Publica, Blueprint and The Architectural Review.

Alexandria Vougia holds a PhD from the AA and has worked as an architect in New York and Athens. She teaches at the AA and the University of Westminster.

Thanos Zartaloudis is a reader in Law at the University of Kent and a lecturer at the AA.

Zaynab Dena Ziari completed her postgraduate studies in History and Theory at the AA. She has written for various journals on the intersection of architecture, culture and the body.


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