Connected Tower, Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture

Please note: Form must be completed in English

All participants travelling from abroad are responsible for securing any visa required.

Visiting School dates
: 24 – 30 March 2012
Application/Payment deadline: 10 March 2012
Deposit £50
Total including £60 Visiting Membership fee: £695

The course fee is £635 and the Visiting Membership fee is £60. If you are already a Member, please tick the relevant box on the online application form, and the £60 Membership fee will be deducted on the final payment page. AA students will already be AA Members. Your existing Membership must cover the period of the Visiting School you are applying for. For any query please contact

If you are not already an AA Member, you will proceed to pay the deposit £50 including the £60 Visiting Membership fee and the £645 remaining course fee.

Please note your entered information and photo will be used to process your Membership and ID card.

Applications for Istanbul are closed.