Intermediate 14 Antonas Office, Fake wheat field, 2017–18


Aristide Antonas, Georgios Eftaxiopoulos

Intermediate 14 investigates a new urban division observed parallel to a hostelization of the city. In this condition, a new fragmentation of space becomes visible and is produced by tensions running in parallel with the Airbnb phenomenon. Far from being a mere online platform for tourism, the concept of Airbnb runs deep as we detect a growing imaginary concerning change in the city. It tends to challenge what was until yesterday conceived as the norm, introducing new and alternative protocols to the city’s core that cannot always coordinate with its given form. At the same time, it imports the interior of a typical ‘household’ into a different and temporary programmatic realm.

The protocols of the city and the function of the house can be re-elaborated after we accept that a core understanding of the intimate and the public can both be hosted in a bed-like position. The apartment can stop performing as the sole urban unit as protocols concerning the occupation of space, through an experimental small-scale local legislation, can act as part of the architecture. This way, the minimization of the necessary space is introduced not only in terms of a further shrinkage of the household but also by a replacement of the apartment rationale from a concept of extended bed, which could be questioned today as research for an alternative view of minimum personal space.

The unit will scrutinize this new complex condition by re-examining the possible roles that the living room, the kitchen and the bathroom could perform when understood as common or intermediary spaces. Discussing and exploring the use of a different guerilla legislation – performed through protocols as a tool for performing changes in the city – participants will propose a set of new inhabitation models for two exemplary ensembles in London and Athens, questioning the new state of the urbs.


Aristide Antonas is an architect and writer and founder of Antonas Office (Berlin and Athens). His work has appeared in solo institutional shows in the S AM (Switzerland), the VAI (Austria) and the FRAC (Val de Loire, France). His book Archipelago of Protocols focuses on a visionary reading of Athens.

Georgios Eftaxiopoulos graduated as an architect from the AA and is currently working in London and teaching at the RCA and the AA, where he is pursuing his PhD in Architectural Design. Georgios has previously practised in Belgium and Switzerland and taught at the Berlage and the University of Navarra.

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