Spatial Performance & Design AAIS performing 'To Be Honest Spain' at Las Heras, Girona, with Renaud Wiser, Joe Walkling and Jonathan Goddard of New Movement Collective, photo Valerie Bennett

Studio Director: Theo Lorenz
Studio Master: Tanja Siems
Consultants: Andrew Dean, Music and Production - David McAlmont, Music and History of the Arts - Heiko Kalmbach, Film Direction and Dramaturgy - Joel Newman, Film and Sound - Malgorzata Dzierzon, Choreography and Production Mauricio Pauly, Composition and Sonology - Renaud Wiser, Choreography - Steve Webb

AA Interprofessional Studio (AAIS) explores alternative forms of interdisciplinary collaboration through the research, conception, design and production of genre-defying construction and spatial performance. By challenging the relationship between art and architecture through the creation of unique project-events - dance, theatre and music performances, exhibitions and festivals - AAIS aims to expose the hidden "worknet" that overlays multiple professions and their outputs. The studio, offered as a 12-month MA or 18-month MFA, encourages students to develop a language for communicating across creative discipline, operating as an interdisciplinary creative office where knowledge exchange is one of the core points of focus.

The programme is structured in two phases. Phase 1, running from Term 1 to Term 3, concentrates on design studios and seminar-based lectures on the history and theory of interdisciplinary and interprofessional collaboration as well as network-based design and organisation and the realisation of applied events and installations that result from the group's various collaborations. Phase 2 concentrates on the development of the individual thesis - either as a written dissertation during Term 4 (MA) or as applied practice during Terms 4 and 5 (MFA).

Drawing on experts from backgrounds as diverse as performance, design, music, film, photography, fashion, communication and curation, the studio gives students an opportunity to step away from their current research or academic activities to develop new creative skills and grow their professional network. In contrast to typical interdisciplinary design approaches, where individual professions remain in their respective fields of expertise, the AAIS seeks to place students outside their comfort zones so that they may glean knowledge from other disciplines - ultimately influencing, extending and adjusting their own creative process of practice. Alongside lectures, seminars, talks, symposia and workshops, the programme's applied projects in the creative field serve as generators for the year's work, guaranteeing a high level of focus and public participation.

2017-18 Agenda

The Art of Resistance Resistance confronts force. It is personal, social and political. Those who resist must be equipped with strength when the resisted give the impression of frightening or intimidating or making something irresistible. To resist is to suppress temptation and expectation, the allure of cash, greed, power and renown.

The powers of the resisted are hateful to those who resist, but those who resist are not necessarily righteous. The far-right can resist with the vigour as its opponents. Resistance occupies a spectrum between pacifism and violence. Its aspirations are effectiveness and transformation. A counter-movement cannot be passive. It must be a force for fresh perspective. It is ineffectual if merely against. To stand against, those who resist should be clear about what they stand for. Action is a necessity of resistance. Action with ideas is resistance at its most effective. Inaction and cluelessness are its vacuum. Resistance can be bold and loud or subtle and subliminal. Simple answers can be prohibited by the force of the resisted. It requires creativity, inventiveness and finesse. Exceptional works of art are often created in opposition to oppression. They are the means of raising awareness and promulgating new ideas. Goya's paintings addressing the Inquisition; Picasso's meditation on the Spanish Civil War; the literature of Thomas Mann and Erich Kästner in Nazi Germany; Bob Dylan's protest oeuvre; satirists and comedians versus Donald Trump; anti-Brexit meme-ography on social networks. Resistance can be an art form or an art forum. This year the studio, with its diverse and international networks, develops creative responses in the realm of the arts for today's manifold challenges and environments. Who resists? Who are the resisted? Can they resist us?

MA in Spatial Performance and Design - 12 months
MFA in Spatial Performance and Design 18 months


Theo Lorenzis a registered architect in England and Germany, as well as a painter and media artist. His interest lies within the relation of digital and physical space and the associations between subjects and objects. He has directed the AA Interprofessional Studio since 2008.

Tanja Siems is an urban designer and infrastructural planner and the director of the interdisciplinary practice, T2 spatialwork. She co-leads the AAIS programme and is a professor of urban design at the Bergische University, Germany.

Andrew Dean has sold over 20 million records as the songwriter and producer A n R'd. He started life as a world renowned DJ and ater discovered Joss Stone, Bush and Lily Allen. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including Brits, Grammys and Ivor Novellos

David McAlmont is a singer with 20 years experience as a recording artist, lyric consultant, teacher and workshop facilitator as well as an art historian.

Heiko Kalmbach is a filmmaker, theatre director and video artist based in Berlin. His award-winning shorts have screened internationally. He is co-founder of the Berlin-based production company Spoonfilm and the performance group Naturaleza Humana

Joel Newman has taught video at the AA since 1998. He exhibited video works at various galleries and events including the AA, the Architecture Foundation, Gasworks Gallery, ICA, Pandaemonium Biennial of Moving Images, Whitechapel Art Gallery and São Paulo Biennale of Alternative Art and Music.

Malgorzata is is a Londonbased dancer, choreographer and producer. She has danced with Rambert, Gothenburg Ballet, Singapore Dance Theatre, Peter Schaufuss Ballet and the Royal Danish Ballet. As a choreographer she has been commissioned to create work for Kettle's Yard, the Serpentine Gallery and Rambert.

Mauricio Pauly is co-artistic director of Distractfold and a founding member of the áltaVoz. He also teaches at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. After studying in San José and in Boston, Miami and The Hague, he obtained a PhD from the University of Manchester's NOVARS Research Centre in 2011

Renaud Wiser has worked with renowned companies including the Geneva Ballet, the Ballet National de Marseille, Gothenburg Ballet, Rambert and Bonachela Dance Company. In 2013 Renaud launched Renaud Wiser Dance Company. He is co-founder of the New Movement Collective.

Steve Webb is a co-founder of Webb Yates Engineers. He has been involved with many exciting projects including the arch at Wembley Stadium and Calatrava's Turning Torso tower in Malmo.

The AA is a Partner Institution and Affiliated Research Centre of The Open University (OU), UK. All taught graduate degrees at the AA are validated by the OU. The OU is the awarding body for research degrees at the AA.

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