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Monday 5 – Saturday 10 March

AA Weekly

AA Dialogues On Wednesday 7 March Jane Hall of Assemble and AA alumna Summer Islam of 6a architects discuss collaboration. Lecture Hall, 6.30pm

This week dig deep into the nuances and communication of creative practice. AA Dialogues continues as Jane Hall of Turner Prize-winning Assemble and Summer Islam of 6a architects reflect on and trace the history of collaboration, research, design and use. And on Friday, join us in celebrating 30 years of Mark Cousins’ Friday Evening Lectures with a final talk questioning the very piece of furniture that mediates between speaker and audience: the lectern. Be a part of the conversation –

Bernard Khoury

Toxic Grounds

Evening Lecture, Monday 5 March For this talk architect Bernard Khoury investigates the quiet, loud, diverse, complex and dissonant local heroes that shape his thinking and practice. / Find out more


Dead Cat Bounce

Dead Cat Bounce

Freefall Lecture Series, Thursday 8 March Organised by AA student Moad Musbahi and graduate Konstantina Koulouri, Freefall explores the lines that govern daily life and questions the ground on which disciplinary divisions acquire their intelligibility. / Find out more

Mark Cousins

The Lectern

Friday Evening Lectures, Friday 9 March Does the lecture have a future? Join Mark Cousins in the final of his Friday Evening Lectures as he interrogates the piece of furniture that has always supported lectures at the AA. / Find out more

The Baltic

Material Assemblies

Material Assemblies

Exhibition, open until Friday 24 March Exhibited at the AA and the RIBA, the Baltic Material Assemblies presents architecture of the Baltic states, exploring the material, infrastructural and cultural connections that have persevered despite the political borders and conflict throughout the region. / Find out more

School News Xristina Argyros and Ryan Neiheiser, Intermediate 15 unit masters, have been selected to curate the Greek Pavilion at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition at the 2018 Venice Biennale. Their project, The School of Athens, will examine the architecture of the academic commons, from Plato’s Academy to the design of contemporary universities. / Read more

The week at a glance

Monday 5 – Saturday 10 March


Evening Lecture: Bernard Khoury – Toxic Grounds Lecture Hall, 6.30pm

AA Council: Ordinary General Meeting 33 First Floor Back, 6.30pm


AA Dialogues: Collaboration – Jane Hall (Assemble) in conversation with Summer Islam (6a architects) Lecture Hall, 6.30pm


Freefall Lecture Series: Dead Cat Bounce Lecture Hall, 6.30pm


Friday Evening Lectures: Mark Cousins – The Lectern Lecture Hall, 5pm


AA Exhibitions
The Baltic Material Assemblies, AA Gallery & Bar
Kuwait City: Houssam I Flayhan, 37 Ground Floor Corridor


AA Council

An Ordinary General Meeting of AA Council will take place Monday 5 March, 33 First Floor Back, 6.30pm / Read notice

Michael Ventris Award 2018

Apply for the 2018 Michael Ventris Award for Architecture, a £2500 prize towards the pursuit of an independent architectural project. Deadline Friday 23 March. / Application requirements

Postcard from El Alto

El Alto Visiting School students at the Crucero del Sur building by Freddy Mamani Sylvestre, 2018. The programme investigates Bolivian folklore and the creation of architectural artefacts through model-making, drawing and film.

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