The Sketch | Lines of Inquiry

Organised by the MA History and Critical Thinking

AA Gallery 23/10/2018 - 14/11/2018

10am – 7pm

The AA Gallery will be populated for three weeks with instances of drawing practice, readings, discussions and performances. The idea of the sketch as cursory gesture and anticipation, a document of the process of thinking, will become the thematic framework, within which various events and conversations will be staged. There will be physical objects – students’ work, drawings from the AA archives, projections of architects’ sketchbooks, to allow for reflections, inquiry and new inscriptions. The process in itself will be the main object on display.

Voices across the school, architects and artists will partake in this project to provide a vibrant space of exchange, a pedagogical venue within the school to provoke ideas and contents for future encounters. Material traces, recordings, visual documentation of these processes will articulate the archive of a future exhibition.  
Diary of public events:  
Wednesday 24 October
1:30pm Anticipations | HCT in conversation with Dip4
4:30pm Lisson Gallery Sketchbooks | Open Seminar with Tony Fretton  
Thursday 25 October
5:00pm Le Corbusier’s Voyage d’ Orient Carnets | Open Seminar with Tim Benton  
Open Week - Tuesday 30 October
Acts of Drawing | Act I: PENCIL
Andrew Holmes, Shin Egashira, Alison Moffett and Shaun Murray will show and discuss their own drawings and how drawing by hand plays a key part in their practice. In conversation with Kate Davies.  
Open Week - Wednesday 31 October
Acts of Drawing | Act II: CODE
Edouard Cabay, Mark Garcia, Thomas Parker and Matteo Zamagni will discuss their work and emerging territories of the drawing. Drawings emerging from code and made by machines; Drawings that venture into generative, immersive, interactive and virtual realms. In conversation with Kate Davies.  
Tuesday 6 November
1:30pm-2:00pm Recitals I
4:30pm-5:00pm Recitals II  
Wednesday 7 November
1:00pm La Conguinta Peter Markli iBooks | Open Seminar with Niall Hobhouse and Tina di Carlo  
4:30pm-5:00pm Recitals III
5:00pm Film-making | Joel Newman
Tuesday 13 November
2:30pm-4:30pm HCT in conversation with Inter5
4:40pm Jacques Derrida Memoirs of the Blind
Reading with Georgios Tsagdis
6:30pm [This space] between \ us
A choreographic installation by Beatrice Jarvis  
Wednesday 14 November
2:00pm-4:00pm HCT in conversation with Dip11
5:00pm Joaquim Moreno goes on a walk through a book of drawings
6:30pm The Sketch | Conversation with AA staff

Image: Paul Valery | Cahiers | Temporal notation of surprise

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