Amoebix - The hieroglyphs and sketches of an unconventional mind

Marko Modic

Front Members Room 27/4/2018 - 19/5/2018

Monday to Friday 10:00 - 18:30

This exhibition presents the drawings and paintings of the multidimensional Amoebix – creatures imagined by Slovenian photographer and painter Marko Modic while he travelled through uncharted Patagonia. First originating in the 1990s, these vivid creatures resulted in a trove of paintings numbering in the thousands.

Amoebix assume countless forms in order to pass through the canals of Modic’s mind until they emerge in the strange and wondrous caverns of his subconscious. There they forage random tidbits and detritus, bringing them to the forefront to be expressed on paper and canvas. Appearing as explosions of shapes and colours that remain open to personal interpretation, Amoebix elicit different emotions at different times and situations. A closer inspection of these works reveals traces of tattered old photographs, frayed electrical cabling, multi-hued cogs and coils incorporated into abstract, yet familiar conglomerates.

Communicating in an unknown language, Amoebix assume almost hieroglyph-like shapes, inviting passers-by to decipher their hidden meaning. Looking closely at Amoebix and their accompanying texts, an English-speaking reader might be surprised to find entire sentences that almost make sense, yet remain entirely subject to the interpretation. Amoebix intentionally leave many a truth-seeker flustered by the fact that a simple narrative does not exist.

Marko Modic is a Slovenian multimedia artist known for his abstract photography and paintings. His works have been showcased in galleries worldwide, as well as various publications and monographs.

Private View 27 April 6.30-8.30pm (Sponsored by the Embassy of Slovenia). 

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