Anthroposophical Architecture: Rudolf Steiner
Photographs by Peter Jeffree 

Peter Jeffree

37 Ground Floor Corridor 13/1/2017 - 1/4/2017

Monday to Friday 10:00–18:00

A selection of photographs of the world centre for the Anthroposophical Movement in Dornach, Switzerland.

Rudolf Steiner was one of the most influential yet controversial reformers of the 20th century. He founded the anthroposophic movement, inspired artists such as Modrian, Kandinsky and Beuys, set up the Steiner school system, created extraordinary furniture designs and influenced a style of construction that seems to have anticipated contemporary architecture.

Worldwide, several hundred Steiner schools, numerous anthroposophic clinics, therapeutic establishments, banking institutes and hundreds of biologically dynamic farms demonstrate his ideas have had a lasting impact and the breadth of their influence. His holistic philosophy even seems to have arrived in mainstream post-modern society, as is evident from the growing demand for natural cosmetics and organic products and an increasing awareness of the environment. Nevertheless, opinion is still divided on him. Some revere Steiner as an important source of inspiration, while others find the esoteric aspects of his philosophy and the messianic characteristics of his work just as suspect as the idiosyncratic aesthetics of his works.

Rudolf Steiner: Alchemy of the Everyday, Vitra Museum of Design, Foreword, Alexander von Vegesack & Mateo Kries, 2010

Peter Jeffree studied architecture at University College London, qualifying in 1976. He worked as an architect for the BBC, and later as Chief Architect for John Lewis Department Stores until 2006. A photography enthusiast since his youth, he began commercial architectural photography in 1990, initially in parallel with his work as an architect. Architectural photography is now his primary occupation. Extensively travelled, his work covers a wide range of commissioned and self-initiated subjects from newly built exteriors and exteriors to restoration studies of historic structures. He has been a regular contributor to the Architectural Association Photo Library since 1995.

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