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Chris Moyse


AA Bar 21/1/2017 - 25/2/2017

Monday to Friday 10:00–19:00, Saturday 10:00–17:00.

Chris Moyse is a reportage photographer for magazines and corporate industry, and as such finds himself in various wonderful places around the world.

In 1983 Design magazine sent him to Milan to document the Congress of the International Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID). He was often unaware who the delegates were or what they had designed, or whether or not they were designers at all, but he photographed them nonetheless.

Many years later he discovered who they were and what they had designed. These Italian men and women had had a profound influence on the businesses of international design , fashion, cars, architecture and furniture. They were not single-product designers, there was no limit to what they designed – for example the architect Cini Boeri, now 92, still designs buildings, furniture and boats, even whisky glasses for the film Blade Runner.

Conversely, the industrial photographs have been taken over many years. They range from Thai welders on a ‘Lay’ barge off the coast of Dubai to Gabonese welders creating the jackets for an off shore gas pipeline, the construction of a copper mine in Kazakhstan to the dry dock fabricating yards of Rio.

Rather than just the world of design, fashion, architecture and engineering, these industrial portraits are photographs of some of the people who build it all.

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