Double or Nothing


AA Gallery 1/10/2011 - 26/10/2011

Monday to Friday 10.00-7.00, Saturday 10.00-5.00

Double or Nothing presents the architectural and spatial projects of Brussels-based 51N4E. Curated by French architectural critic Dominique Boudet, the show re-examines a selection of recent projects from the large-scale Skanderberg Square, the most important public space in Tirana, larger than Red Square in Moscow and twice the size of St Peter's Square in Rome to the intimacy of Arteconomy, an extension of high steel walls encompassing a Belgian farmhouse and featuring a 3 x 3 metre day bed composed of soft weave, colourful woollen knit tubes.

Double or Nothing aims to challenge the visitor to look beyond architecture's surface conventions and their representation. The accompanying publication Double or Nothing, designed and published by the AA, will be available to purchase.



Photos: Sue Barr


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