Exhibiting an Exhibition: AA Today in Tokyo

AA Today in Tokyo

Back Members' Room 20/11/2010 - 15/12/2010 Monday-Friday 10.00-7.00, Saturday 10.00-5.00

Private view: Friday 19 November

In July 2010 the AA installed an exhibition of recent AA student work at the Takenaka Corporation in Tokyo. The exhibition itself was designed around the recreation of the AA's Bedford Square library, and so large 1:1-scale photographs of the library's windows and bookcases provided a backlit internal facade to the gallery space. Student work in the form of portfolios, books and models were positioned on tables custom-made to mimic the exact profile of those in the AA library. The result - surreal in both the exactitude of the library copy and its juxtaposition with the corporate surroundings of the enclosing Takenaka building - enchanted and amused its audience in equal measure.

On a weekend in September in the break-out spaces of the Takenaka building the AA ran a two-day design workshop. AA tutors Shin Egashira, Yusuke Obuchi, Natasha Sandmeier, Valentin Bontjes van Beek and Christopher Pierce led 35 students and professionals through a variety of assignments all based around the production of postcards. The resulting 300 cards were individually mailed back to the AA and are exhibited here.

On the back of the AA exhibition and workshop at the Takenaka Corporation the school organised a one-day symposium. Speakers at the event included four generations of Japanese architects and designers and featured, among others, Toyo Ito, Hideyuki Nakayama, Florian Busch, Akira Suzuki, Tom Heneghan, Hiroshi Kikuchi and AA director Brett Steele.

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