Notice is hereby given that an Ordinary General Meeting of the Registered Members (“Council”) of the Architectural Association, Inc. will be held at 32 Bedford Square, First Floor Back, London, WC1 on Monday, 31 October 2016 at 7.00 p.m.

Date Submitted: 26/10/2016

Psychoanalysis and Architecture book launch introduction by Ana Araujo and Andrea Sabbadini

Psychoanalysis and Architecture - The Inside and the Outside

By Cosimo Schinaia

Published by Karnac Books

The book launch will take place on Saturday 22nd October 2016, from 10am to 1pm. The book will be introduced by Andrea Sabbadini (British Psychoanalytical Society) and Ana Araujo (London Architectural Association)

The Freud Museum, 20 Maresfield Gardens, London NW3 5SX

RSVP to Cosimo Schinaia:

Date Submitted: 19/10/2016

Julia Frazer and John H. Frazer are awarded to The Warren McCulloch Award of the American Society for Cybernetics 

For several decades, through teaching, research and professional practice, Julia and John Frazer have promoted cybernetic thinking and techniques in the field of architectural design, and thereby contributed significantly to the elevation of architecture from a craft to a digital practice and research discipline. In doing this, they have continually advocated for the use of computers to facilitate conversation, emergence and co-creation in the design process, and to provoke continual critical re-assessment of the role of the architect in society and the role of tools and technology in architectural design and production.

Along with numerous other contributions, Julia and John Frazer were among the very first who applied autonomous non-determinism in the context of adaptive architecture, and who promoted the use of computers as interactive, generative design tools. Julia and John Frazer furthermore pioneered the field of tangible computer interfaces with innovative machine-readable models designed to facilitate user participation in design processes. They inspired and contributed significantly to the digital toolkits deployed by architects around the world, and laid the intellectual and practical foundations that underpin the approaches by which digital technology applications are currently explored in many architecture and design curricula worldwide.

We make this award in recognition of Julia and John Frazer’s above achievements and their instrumental roles in promoting cybernetics in the fields of architecture and design.

Michael Lissack

President of the American Society for Cybernetics

Date Submitted: 18/10/2016

Johnston Marklee talk at the RA

Monday 17 October 2016 6.30 — 8pm

The RA welcomes Californian architects Johnston Marklee to talk about their work, which combines geometrical complexity with a calmness and efficiency in form and material.

For more details visit

Date Submitted: 12/10/2016

Director’s annual ‘Start of Year’ student feedback meetings

All students are invited to attend the relevant meetings listed below. These offer an opportunity to provide feedback to Brett as the academic year is now underway, and all are settling into unit/studio and work routines.

Meetings are held at 1.00 in the Rear Second Presentation Space.

Monday 17 October, 1pm Foundation and First Year students

Tuesday 18 October, 1pm Intermediate and Diploma students

Wednesday 19 October, 1pm Graduate students

Date Submitted: 12/10/2016

Drawing workshop led by artist Alexandra Blum

Would you like to explore urban space through drawing?

Come to a drawing workshop on the deck of a Minesweeper boat - led by artist Alexandra Blum

Sunday 16th October 2016, 10.30am – 4.30pm on board the Minesweeper Collective’s boat moored in Deptford Creek, South East London

For more ionformation please visit the email link

Date Submitted: 28/9/2016

Annual Student Design Charrette

The Annual Student Design Charrette will take place on 22 Oct at the Zaha-designed Roca London Gallery

View Website

Date Submitted: 21/9/2016

Intermediate Unit Introductions

Tuesday 27 September 2016


Introduction:  Brett Steele



Intermediate Unit 3: Nannette Jackowski & Ricardo de Ostos



Intermediate Unit 7: Marco Vanucci



Intermediate Unit 14: Joseph Grima & Pernilla Ohrstedt



Intermediate Unit 1: Lara Lesmes & Fredrik Hellberg



Intermediate Unit 12: Inigo Minns & Tyen Masten



Intermediate Unit 13: Soomeen Hahm



Intermediate Unit 8: Francisco Gonzalez de Canales & Nuria Alvarez Lombardero



Intermediate Unit 9: Christopher Pierce, Christopher Matthews & Amandine Kastler



Lunch break and Interview process Q+A led by current students


Intermediate Unit 10: Valentin Bontjes van Beek & Winston Hampel



Intermediate Unit 15: Ryan Neiheiser & Xristina Agyros



Intermediate Unit 6: Jeroen van Ameijde & Brendon Carlin



Intermediate Unit 5: Ryan Dillon



Intermediate Unit 2: Ana Araujo



Intermediate Unit 4: Arantza Ozaeta Cortázar & Álvaro Martín Fidalgo



Intermediate Unit 11: Manuel Collado, Nacho Martin & Nerea Cavillio



Intermediate Unit 16: Selma Mikou & Salwa Mikou



Informal meeting of Intermediate students and staff following the last presentation

On Monday 26th September, all RETURNING 2nd and 3rd Year students are required to Register with Belinda Flaherty and collect a countersigned Unit Choices Form in the Rear Second Presentation Space (10am to 6pm). 

On Monday 26th September, all NEW 2nd and 3rd Year students are required to collect a countersigned Unit Choices Form from Belinda Flaherty in the Rear Second Presentation Space (10am to 6pm).

The Interview Process cannot be undertaken unless Registration is completed and all Unit Choice Forms have been countersigned. 

Date Submitted: 21/9/2016

Diploma Unit Introductions

Monday 26 September 2016


Introduction:  Brett Steele



Diploma Unit 1: Miraj Ahmed & Martin Jameson



Diploma Unit 4: John Palmesino & Ann-Sofi Ronnskog



Diploma Unit 2: Didier Faustino & Kostas Grigoriadis



Diploma Unit 8: Maria Federchenko



Diploma Unit 10: Carlos Villanueva Brandt



Diploma Unit 17: Theo Sarantoglou Lalis & Dora Sweijd



Diploma Unit 7: Samantha Hardingham & John Walter



Diploma Unit 14: Pier Vittorio Aureli & Maria Giudici



Lunch break and Interview process Q+A led by current students


Diploma Unit 13: Lily Jencks & Jessica Reynolds



Diploma Unit 15: Giulia Foscari, Ekaterina Golovatyuk & Harikleia Karamali



Diploma Unit 5: Christina Diaz Moreno, Efren Garcia Grinda & Benjamin Reynolds



Diploma Unit 11: Shin Egashira



Diploma Unit 9: Natasha Sandmeier & Manolis Stavrakakis



Diploma Unit 18: Enric Ruiz Geli & Simon Taylor



Diploma Unit 16: Jonas Lundberg  & Andrew Yau



Informal meeting of Diploma students and staff following the last presentation

During this day, all RETURNING 4th and 5th Year students are required to Register with Belinda Flaherty and collect a countersigned Unit Choices Form in the Rear Second Presentation Space (10am to 6pm). 

During this day, all NEW 4th Year students are required to collect a countersigned Unit Choices Form from Belinda Flaherty in the Rear Second Presentation Space (10am to 6pm). 

The Interview Process cannot be undertaken unless Registration is completed and all Unit Choice Forms have been countersigned.  

Date Submitted: 21/9/2016

Student Survey 2015-16

The findings of the two Student Surveys conducted in the 2015-16 academic year are presented for review.

Students Surveys

These have been presented to the July meetings of the UMC and GMC and actions identified for further discussion and development. Thank you to all students who participated in this process.  

BF, School Registrar 

Date Submitted: 15/9/2016


The Premises in 32-39 Bedford Square, 4 Morwell Street and 16 Morwell Street will be closed from Monday 22 to Monday 29 August 2016 (inclusive).

The AA School will reopen again from Tuesday 30 August 2016.

SUMMER OPENING HOURS (during non-term time)

Tuesday 30 August to Sunday 18 September
Mon & Fri           9am-7pm
Tue/Wed/Thur    9am-9pm
Saturdays          10am-6pm
Sundays            CLOSED

Monday 19 to Sunday 25 September
Introduction Week
Mon - Fri           9am-10pm
Saturday           10am-6pm
Sunday             CLOSED

Normal AA School Opening hours will resume from Monday 26 September 2016.
Term 1 begins on Monday 26 September 2016.


Date Submitted: 22/8/2016

Revit training courses at AL_A

AL_A will be holding beginner and advanced level Revit training in their studio by a certified Autodesk instructor.

For details for the course please visit

To book or find out more please contact Lucy on 020 7243 7670 or email at

Date Submitted: 1/8/2016



WEEK 1                     Monday 27th June to Sunday 3rd July

Mon - Fri                   9am-10pm

Saturday                   10am-7pm

Sunday                       CLOSED

WEEKS 2 - 6             Monday 4th July to Sunday 7th August

Mon & Fri                 9am-9pm

Tue - Thur                 9am-10pm

Saturdays                  10am-7pm

Sundays                     CLOSED

WEEKS 7 - 12           Monday 8th August to Sunday 18th September

Mon & Fri                 9am-7pm

Tue - Thur                 9am-9pm

Saturdays                  10am-6pm

Sundays                     CLOSED


                                 Monday 19th to Sunday 25th September

Mon - Fri                   9am-10pm

Saturday                   10am-6pm

Sunday                       CLOSED


The AA premises will be closed from Saturday 20th to Monday 29th August (inclusive), and will reopen from 9am on Tuesday 30th August.


Usual opening hours will resume from Monday 26th September,

for the commencement of Term 1 - new Academic Year 2016 / 2017.

Date Submitted: 30/6/2016

Santiago Emergent Ecologies Ideas Competition - Call For Entries

Santiago Emergent Ecologies is an International ideas competition for the design of a new park in Santiago de Chile, a metropolitan park that can experiment with productive landscapes as a medium to establish an active relationship with the environment while protecting biodiversity in the area of the El Roble Ecological Conservation Site.

Current students from the Architectural Association have the exclusive opportunity to apply for free. The deadline for the submission is the 5th September 2016. For more information please visit:   

Date Submitted: 28/6/2016


The AA School in realtime


The Architectural Association, Inc. is a Registered Charity Incorporated as a Company limited by guarantee. Registered in England No.171402. Registered office: 36 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3ES, 020 7887 4000

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