The Kohn Pedersen Fox Traveling Fellowship 2014

Each year, Kohn Pedersen Fox presents three $10,000 awards to students who are in their penultimate year at one of the twenty-six design schools with whom KPF has chosen to partner. The goal of the award is to allow students to broaden their education through a summer of travel before their final year at school.


1. Students from twenty-six schools of architecture are eligible including the Architectural Association.

2. Any student in the penultimate year is eligible. Students may be in either a Bachelor of Architecture or Master of Architecture degree programs. The application is made by the student, but must be approved by the director of the school. The director may nominate two students from the class.

Submission Requirements

1. A portfolio of fifteen one-sided pages at 11” x 17” or smaller, in a binding.

2. All work should be executed by the student alone. No work executed in an office—unless it has been designed and drawn solely by the student—should be included.

3. The first page will be a one sided 8 ½” x 11”sheet with the applicant’s name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, school attending and signature of the dean. This page should contain a statement of the student’s travel itinerary and the rationale for these travel plans. It should be easily detachable and should be the only page with any personal or identifiable information about the applicant.

4. The portfolio should be hand delivered or emailed to before 31 March 2014.

6. Jury in April.


1. The jury will consist of two principals of KPF and three outside critics. The judging will take place at KPF during the month of April. The jury will consider the work after the first detachable page has been removed to assure anonymity.

2. All students submitting a portfolio will be informed of the results of the jury’s decision as soon as possible.

3. All portfolios except the winning portfolios will be returned to the dean’s office of the candidate’s school by first class mail. The winning portfolios will be retained by KPF.


1. The fellows are encouraged to complete their travel during the summer of the year of the award. They are required to complete the trip within one year of the announcement of the award.

2. A check for $8,000 will be sent to the fellows two weeks after the awarding of the scholarship.

3. Fellows are required to submit to KPF, within 2 months of completion of their travel, a report including the student’s reason for travel, the places visited, and the lessons learned. Visual material, either photographs or drawings or both, should be included. The format and size of the report is entirely at the student’s discretion.

4. Upon KPF’s receipt of the report, an additional check for $2,000 will be sent to the fellow.

Date Submitted: 13/3/2014

QAA 2014 Annual Monitoring Report

The AA's annual monitoring report to the UK Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) is available online at the director's office website.

Date Submitted: 12/3/2014

AA Library early closure on 27 Thursday March

The Library will be open from 10am–4pm on Thursday 27 March, due to a private event

Date Submitted: 11/3/2014

Troldtekt Award 2014 open to undergraduate students

All undergraduate students are eligible for the €5000 cash prize for best use of Troldtekt acoustic panels. Deadline 1 April. Details at

Date Submitted: 11/3/2014

Web Design Intern Opportunity at LaMa Studio Shepherd's Bush

LaMa Studio is a small and friendly design studio based opposite Westfield in Shepherds Bush. Both directors ran Units at the AA for 10 years. They are starting a ground-breaking new venture that requires WEB DESIGN INTERN APPLICANTS for an immediate start.

We request the following qualifications:

at least 1 year of study completed in an accredited web design/new media course

CSS knowledge

HTML coding ability

Familiarity with open source software

Photoshop advanced user


Cat lover

CV's can be submitted immediately to:

Date Submitted: 5/3/2014

Week 9 Interim Technical Studies Juries (late option) and Final Assessments (early option) 

TS Schedule for Third and Fifth Year students:

Third Year hand-in and juries take place in Studio 2

Intermediate 1 Interim Jury
Wednesday 12th March, 10.00

Intermediate 2 Final Submission
hand-in Friday 14 March, 10.00

Intermediate 3 Interim Jury
Tuesday 11 March, 10.00

Intermediate 4 Interim Jury
Monday 10 March, 2.00

Intermediate 5 Interim Jury
Tuesday 11 March, 2.00

Intermediate 6 Interim Jury
Thursday 13 March, 2.00

Intermediate 7 Interim Jury
onday 10 March, 11.30

Intermediate 8 Interim Jury
Thursday 13 March, 10.00

Intermediate 9 Final Submission
hand-in Friday 14 March, 10.00

Intermediate 10 Final Submission hand-in
Friday 14 March, 10.00

Intermediate 11 Interim Jury
Monday 10 March, 5.00

Intermediate 12 Interim Jury
Wednesday 12 March, 2.00

Intermediate 13 Final Submission hand-in
Friday 14 March, 10.00 

Fifth Year hand-ins and juries take place in 37 First Floor Front (37FFF)

Diploma 1 Interim Jury
Wednesday 12 March, 2.00

Diploma 2 Interim Jury
Tuesday 11 March, 10.00

Diploma 3 Final Submission
hand-in Friday 14 March, 10.00

Diploma 4 Final Submission
hand-in Friday 14 March, 10.00

Diploma 5 Interim Jury
Monday 10 March, 4.00,

Diploma 6 Interim Jury
Tuesday 11 March, 2.00

Diploma 7 Interim Jury
Thursday 13 March, 2.30

Diploma 8 Interim Jury
Wednesday 12 March, 10.00

Diploma 9 Final Submission
hand-in Friday 14 March, 10.00

Diploma 10 Final Submission hand-in
Friday 14 March, 10.00

Diploma 11 Interim Jury
Friday 14 March, 10.30

Diploma 14 Interim Jury
Monday 10 March, 1.00

Diploma 16 Final Submission
hand-in Friday 14 March, 10.00

Diploma 17 Interim Jury
Thursday 13 March, 11.00

Diploma 18 Interim Jury
Thursday 13 March, 10.00

Date Submitted: 5/3/2014

Nominations for AA Council Elections 2014/15 Open until 18 March 2014

The period of open nominations (during which time members of the AA may propose themselves or another AA member for election) begins today and will conclude at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, 18 March 2014.  Nominations should be sent in writing (which includes email, of course) to the Secretary (, who will carry out the necessary checks in relation to the eligibility and service requirements as set out in By-laws 35-37.


OFFICERS  formally  standing  for  election:  

  President     Ms.  Sadie  Morgan,  BA(IntDes)  MA(RCA)  FRSA  

  Hon.  VP     Dr.  Frank  Duffy,  CBE  PPRIBA  AADipl(Hons)  

  Hon.  VP     Mr.  Hugh  Pearman  

  Hon.  Secretary   Ms.  Yasmin  Shariff,  MA  DipArch  

  Hon.  Treasurer   Mr.  Paul  Warner,  DipArch  RIBA  

ORDINARY  MEMBERS  remaining  on  the  ballot  without  standing  for  re-­‐election:  

  Mr.  Keith  Priest,  AADipl  RIBA  FRSA  (Past  President)  

  Mr.  Oliver  Domeisen,  AADipl  

  Mr.  David  Jenkins,  BA(Arch)  DipArch  FRSA  

  Mr.  Aram  Mooradian,  AADipl(Hons)  

  Mr.  Rory  Sherlock  

  Ms.  Rebecca  Spencer,  AADipl  

  Ms.  Jane  Wernick,  FREng  HonFRIBA  FRSA  FIstructE  FICE  

CANDIDATES  standing  for  election  to  ORDINARY  MEMBERSHIP  (6  vacancies):  

  Ms.  Joanna  Chambers,  BA  BTP  MRTPI  

  Mr.  Nicholas  Dennys,  QC  

  Ms.  Tanvir  Hasan,  AADipl  

  Lady  Patricia  Hopkins,  AADipl  

  Mr.  Stephen  Kennard  

  Professor  David  Porter,  BSc(Hons)  DipArch  RIBA 

Date Submitted: 4/3/2014

Deadline for AA Undergraduate Bursary Application 23 May 2014

AA Undergraduate Bursary Application Forms

AA Undergraduate Bursary application forms for the 2014/15 academic year, for current Undergraduate students, are available from Sabrina Blakstad in the Registrar’s Office. The deadline for completed applications to be returned is Friday 23 May 2014.

Date Submitted: 3/3/2014

AA Library Opening Hours and Loans (Week 11 and Easter Vacation)

Monday 24 March – Wednesday 26 March: open 10-9
Thursday 27 March: open 10-4
Friday 28 March: open 10-7
Saturday 29 March: Library closed
Programme books can be borrowed for the weekend from 4pm Friday 28 March
until 12pm Monday 31 March.

Programme Reservations from 12pm Monday 31 March at the issue desk
Borrrowing of programme books from 10am Thursday 3 April at the issue desk
Maximum of two programme books per person, no interlibrary loan, no normal ‘reference’ books, no tutors' own books
All reserved programme books must be borrowed on Thursday 3 April 
First-come first-served basis from Friday 4 April 
All programme books borrowed must be returned by 12pm on Monday 28 April

Monday 31 March – Friday 4 April: open 10-6
AA Closure Saturday 5 April – Monday 21 April inclusive
Tuesday 22 April – Friday 25 April: open 10-6
Saturday 26 April: Library closed
Normal term-time hours resume from Monday 28 April: Monday-Friday 10–9, Saturday 11–5

Date Submitted: 25/2/2014

From February 2014 architects and designers are eligible to apply for developmental grants to receive funding from the Artists' International Development Fund

These grants, between £1,000 to £5,000, are in place to help fund travel and international collaborations while recipients carrying out professional projects.

The Artists' international development programme is a £750,000 fund. The British Council and Arts Council England each provide half of the funding. Arts Council England manage the programme and decisions on who receives funding are made by a panel comprising staff from both organisations.

The fund is intended to act as a springboard for artists across all disciplines to promote themselves on the international scene. The fund is open to creative producers, curators, editors and artists, as well as architects, fashion designers and designers. Although the programme is aimed at individuals, small groups who normally collaborate ican also apply. This includes musicians and visual artists who usually create work together, or writers and their translators.

For the next round (7), the deadline for applications is 5pm Friday 9 May 2014. Activities must start after Friday 27 June 2014 and end before 31 March 2015.

More information:

Date Submitted: 25/2/2014

MA History and Critical Thinking Debate, Friday 21 February, 13:30

Architecture Politics

Moderated by Marina Lathouri and John Palmesino

21 Feb 13:30, New Soft Room

Planning is Frozen Politics

David Knight

David Knight's work explores the processes that create the built environment, and how they can be adjusted by design to increase or decrease spatial justice. He has a particular interest in the planning system as a tool for deciding the future; this is the subject of his PhD at the Royal College of Art, as well as its practice output Building Rights.

Date Submitted: 19/2/2014

Student assistant researcher needed for Centenary celebration of women at the AA: AA-XX 100

A centenary celebration, including an exhibition, conference and publication, is planned in 2017, to mark the one hundredth anniversary of women at the AA (see A series of smaller events are also planned leading up the anniversary.

We are seeking students to help with research in the Archives, Library, and Photo Library, to build up information on key AA women from 1917. This could feed into website, exhibition or conference content. The role may also involve research for funding applications.

Interest and enthusiasm essential.

Please contact Eleanor Gawne on for further information.

Date Submitted: 19/2/2014

State of the Association, 2014 – School Director's 2014 School Meeting

Friday 28 February, 12.30

Rear Second Presentation Space

All students and staff are invited to Brett Steele's mid-year 'State of the Association' presentation, made annually to the entire school. 

This year's meeting includes a review of 2013 activities and results, and the plans and goals for 2014. Included in the meeting is an important review and recommendation regarding a key next step in the school's ongoing evolution and independence – a possible AA application for degree-awarding powers. All students and staff are invited.

Date Submitted: 18/2/2014

CICA, AA and V&A events to mark the occasion of the RIBA Royal Gold Medal awarded to CICA president, Joseph Rykwert.

CICA, AA and V&A events to mark the occasion of the RIBA Royal Gold Medal awarded to CICA president, Joseph Rykwert.

Writing about contemporary architecture is at a crossroad. In the changing media land-scape, the need to develop new critical perspectives has never been more important.

Critical Juncture, curated by Trevor Boddy, Yasmin Shariff and Manuel Cuadra, will enable a gathering of the world's architectural critics to consider the state of their art.

Friday 21st February, 2-5 pm: Architectural Association

Critical Juncture CICA Session - Architectural Critics at the crossroads

14.00-15.00: CICA Session (members and executive) - AA, 33 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3ES

International presence of CICA:

• UIA World Architecture Congress, Durban
• CICA Awards for books, articles and catalogues
• Venice Architecture Biennale
• Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura de Buenos Aires
New initiatives, opportunities, funding sources
Election of new executive and members at UIA, Durban

15.00-17.00: CICA open session - AA, 33 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3ES

Michael Sorkin, New York, Architectural Criticism Now discussion with CICA members with special contributions:

• Danny Wiksono, Jakarta, Digital Criticism in an Emerging Architectural Culture.
• Trevor Boddy, Vancouver, Decline of Newspaper and Magazine Criticism in N Ame-rica.
• Rowan Moore, The Current State of Architectural Criticism in London. Rafael Gomez-Moriana, Barcelona, Blogs and Other New Outlets.

17.00-18.00: AA Reception 36 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3ES

AA Reception for CICA President and RIBA Royal Gold Medallist, Joseph Rykwert in the Front Members room followed by an informal supper and networking hosted by the AA in the Dining Room.

All enquiries to: Yasmin Shariff


Saturday 22 February, 10.00-5.30pm : V&A Museum, South Kensington, London SW7 2RL


Critical Juncture V&A Symposium - Architectural Critics at the crossroads.

Celebrating the work of Royal Gold Medallist, Joseph Rykwert.

The Lydia & Manfed Gorvy Lecture Theatre
Chaired by Kieran Long
Symposium confirmed speakers include:

• George Baird, Toronto
• Trevor Boddy, Vancouver
• Czeslaw Bielecki, Warsaw
• Pippo Ciorra, Rome
• Manuel Cuadra, Kassel
• Luis Fernandez-Galiano, Madrid
• Kenneth Frampton, New York
• Vittorio Gregotti, Venice
• David Leatherbarrow, Philadelphia
• Patrick Lynch
• Desmond Hui, Hong Kong
• Phyllis Lambert, Montreal
• Louise Noelle, Mexico
• Michelangelo Sabatino, Houston
• Suha Ozkan, Istanbul
• Robert Tavernor, London
• Richard Wesley, Philadelphia

Full details and booking at the V&A Website

Date Submitted: 17/2/2014


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