AA Writing Prize Short List

Each year the AA gives out a number of prizes for writing. This year's nominations are available below. Winners will be announced Wednesday 1st May.

1st Year Writing Prize Nominations

  1. Susie Kinston – "The Journey of the Modernist Line"
  2. Sandra Kolacz – "Perpetual Proportion"
  3. Nicolas Zembashi – "The Legacy of Expositions"


2nd Year Writing Prize Nominations

  1. Stefan Jovanovic – "Curzio, Bardot, and the Runaway Amnesiac"
  2. Radu R. Macovei – "Between Surge and Paralysis: A Story of Two Towers"
  3. James C. Mak – "In Search for an Urban Dystopia: Gotham City"
  4. Rory Sherlock – "The Phidian Fallacy: Dispelling Vanity in the Architect’s Self- Portrait"


3rd Year Writing Prize Nominations

  1. Lili Carr – "Zumthor’s Door"
  2. Yasser Dahhan – "Wall, Space & Violence"
  3. Andrew Hum – "Summit Everest: An Architectural Essay"
  4. Kai Ching Richard Leung – "Faux-Collectivism"


Dennis Sharp Writing Prize Nominations

  1. Hessa Albader – "Stone Faces and Transparent Veils"
  2. Chris C. Bisset – "Otsuka Museum of Art and the Tradition of Copying in Japan"
  3. Summer Islam – "Orientalism, Nationalism and Architecture"
  4. Costantino di Sambuy – "Both ways is the way she like it: Los Angeles and L.A."
  5. Rob Taylor – " Architectural Paradoxies"
  6. Philip Turner – "The Measured Life: Domesticity and the Monitor"
  7. Antoine Vaxelaire – "Two Atlases: Or the Art of Knowledgeably Grounding History"
  8. Zifend Wei – "Magical Architecture Photography Manipulation"
  9. Matthew Critchley – "Continuity or Crisis? A brief history between the polemics of Aldo Rossi and Reyner Banham"
Date Submitted: 26/4/2013


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