AA Website Survey: Results

The Results of our Online Web Survey are now available.If you did not particpate in the original survey but would like to submit comments please send them to: frank.owen@aaschool.ac.uk

1. How satisfied are you with our website?

very satisfied                    -            41.4%

somewhat satisfied             -            51.4%

neutral                             -            7.1%

somewhat dissatisfied          -            0%

very dissatisfied                 -            0%


2. Which best describes you? Select all that apply.

AA Student                                          -  64.3%

Architect                                             - 15.7%

AA Academic Staff                                - 2.9%

Student Elsewhere                                - 8.6%

AA Member / Alumini                            - 14.3%

Visitor / Potential Visitor                        - 4.3%

General interest in Architecture               - 1.4%

Other AA Staff                                    - 1.4%

Potential AA Undergraduate Student         - 8.6%

Potential AA Graduate Student               - 4.3%

Potential AA Visiting School Student        - 2.9%

Academic staff elsewhere                     - 1.4%

Parent of AA Student                           - 1.4%


3. What were you looking for today? Select all that apply.

Application Information                           - 14.7%

See what’s on                                       - 66.2%

Course Information                                - 27.9%

Online Lectures                                     - 27.9%

Purchase Publications                              - 1.5%

Looking for images                                 - 13.2%

Look AA Files backlist                             - 1.5%

Library Resources                                  - 1.5%

Current research being undertaken            - 1.5%

Library books, archive, journal articles       - 1.5%



4. How often do you visit our website?

Every day / almost every day                        - 44.3%

Weekly                                                     - 44.3%

Monthly                                                    - 10%

Quarterly                                                  - 0%

Annually                                                   - 1.4%


5. What age group are you in?

16 - 18                                                 - 1.4%

18 - 24                                                 - 42.9%

25 - 34                                                 - 44.3%

35 - 65                                                 - 11.4%



6. Which devices do you use to access www.aaschool.ac.uk? Select all that apply.

Windows desktop                         - 25.7%

Apple desktop                            - 22.9%

Windows Laptop                         - 48.6%

Apple laptop                               - 41.4%

iPhone                                      - 31.4%

Android                                     - 10%

Windows phone                           - 2.9%

ipad                                         - 1.4%

Blackberry                                 - 1.4%

Non Smart Phone                        - 1.4%




7. How accurate is the information on aaschool.ac.uk?

very accurate                                 - 50%

moderately accurate                        - 50%


8. Please rank in order of importance to you the following planned website developments.

1st             AA alumni project database

2nd            Student course work submission

3rd            Expanded AA Iphone App

4th            Membership discussion forums

5th            Expanded AA Android App


Please rate how well the following website features work for you:

(rating counts out of 100)


archives catalogue                         -63

library catalogue


Other Comments :


It took a fair while to find out about fees and bursaries/scholarships.

15/1/2013 21:03

The sound volume is often very low on the recorded lectures. The stream often stops playing around 20min in to lectures, at least on the AA-WLAN.

14/1/2013 14:43

The website is very formal. It is good but I would rather be more interested if it was interactive. It would make the experience better and I guess will be more productive for everyone- the students and visitors as well. At the moment it is very linear.

13/1/2013 17:10

It would be nice if older lectures could be put online, it could be a theme something like "gems from the archive" or something, i would this i live in norway and cannot visit the aa library.

13/1/2013 12:22

There are some items that I didn't know before I did this survey. Most of the features that I checked as not working very well are those unknown fuctions.

12/1/2013 2:37

Add few colours..Mostly the website is full of text !

7/1/2013 6:47

I wish that The AA website could work better for Blackberrys. Specially when we try to go to the e-mail page (impossible).

6/1/2013 4:41

I have so much trouble streaming the online lectures. More than any other flash videos. They don't seem to load while you pause. I so love watching them now that I'm on my year out, but it's difficult. I can't seem to locate some AA publications, the search has no results for publications like 'Manifest Destiny' & 'Zak Kyes: Working With'.

20/12/2012 6:26

online catalogue for films/booking rooms/cinema

17/12/2012 20:20

In terms of clarity many of the AA's pages are unclear and certain areas such as navigation should be made more prominent. Perhaps a more clear web page without so much on it would be better. I note that the AA has many "micro sites", I believe these should be incorporated into the main site or even less of them. Whilst good in principle it can become annoying to keep having to redirect your focus to another site.

14/12/2012 23:39 






Date Submitted: 25/1/2013


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