Student Forum 2013 Elections

The current candidates for the 2013 Student Forum are as follows:

  • Jane Horcajo Rubí - Foundation
  • Michael Ho - Foundation
  • Liam Denhamer - First Year
  • Andreea Vasilcin - First Year
  • Yasmin Keats - First Year
  • Stefan Jovanovic - Second Year
  • Zipu Zhu - Second Year
  • Tyler Bollier - Second Year
  • Sophia Chang - Second Year
  • Alexandra Chechetikina - MA Housing & Urbanism
  • Andrew Haas - M.Arch Emergent Technologies

All registered students, please take a moment to read through the email received from the Student Forum outlining the new Student Forum candidate statements. There will be a total of 10 Student Forum members.
During registration of Term 2 in Week 1 and Week 2, you will be able to vote via a ballot system in the Registrar's Office. Votes will be counted at the end of Week 2, and the new Student Forum will officially be in place as of Term 2 Week 3. The counting of the votes has been postponed for a week as a number of students are away on unit trips until the middle of Week 2.

Date Submitted: 13/12/2012


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