2017-18 Technical Studies High Pass recipients

3rd Year

Zixin Ye (Inter 1)

Ainhoa Tamara Schapira Perez (Inter 2)

Kwang Yi Goh (Inter 3)

Mamoru Hoshi (Inter 3)

Shlok Soni (Inter 3)

Sooyeon Lim (Inter 4)

Camille Bongard (Inter 5) WITH DISTINCTION - best Technical Project in the 3rd Year

Wei Xuan Sean Gwee (Inter 5) WITH COMMENDATION

Leonard Liao-briere (Inter 7)

Khun Wong Allister Low (Inter 7)

Marina Isabella Gubbins Uccelli (Inter 8)

Nicholas Lin (Inter 9)

Ran Ben Shaya (Inter 9)

Shaha Maria Raphael (Inter 9)

Woojin Kim (Inter 9)

Si Jing Lai (Inter 10)

Youngbin Shin (Inter 11)

Jun Ho Yim (Inter 14)

Theodora Giovanazzi (Inter 15)


5th Year

Raphael Zwi Fogel (Dip 2)

Enshen Wang (Dip 2)

Sandra Karolina Kolacz (Dip 4)

Zi Shan Lim (Dip 5)

Zsuzsa Peter (Dip 5) WITH COMMENDATION

Brandon Whitwell-Mak (Dip 5)

Iris Gramegna (Dip 8)

Alessandro Magliani (Dip 8)

Gleb Sheykin (Dip 8)

Assaf Kimmel (Dip 9)

Vasilisa Lucic (Dip 11)

Julien Sebban (Dip 12)

Sebastian Tiew (Dip 12)

Fabienne Nathalie Tjia (Dip 12)

Nicholas Zembashi (Dip 12)

Anna Marianne Wahlsten (Dip 13)

Bodo Neuss (Dip 14)

Shaan Bimal Patel (Dip 14)

Emily Jayne Priest (Dip 14)

Alexandra Savtchenko-Belskaia (Dip 15)

Cheuk Ting Jane Wong (Dip 15)

Dalia Frontini Matsuura (Dip 16) WITH DISTINCTION - best Technical Thesis in the 5th Year

Fang Lee (Dip 16)

Jocelyn Sivakorn Arnold (Dip 17)

Berkin Islam (Dip 17)

Ke Bo Tsai (Dip 18)


Congratulations to the recipients and many thanks to all nominated candidates.  


A reminder that the Technical Studies High Pass Exhibition will take place from 10am-4pm tomorrow (Friday 4th May) in the Barrel Vault and will showcase work from all students nominated for a High Pass for their Technical Studies 3rd Year Design Project and Technical Studies 5th Year Design Thesis. All welcome to attend!

Date Submitted: 4/5/2018


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