This is an open call for nominations for a member appointment to Council starting 4th June 2018. Please see the role profile and person specification for further information.

Applicants must:

a)    At the time of nomination, be a full member of the Architectural Association and continue to be a full member for the duration of their tenure on Council

b)    be willing and able to perform the duties of a member of Council as described in the role profile and meet the requirements of the person specification (see attached);

c)    be able to devote sufficient time to attend and prepare for a minimum of 5 Council meetings per annum and attend committees and working groups as requested;

d)    be willing to serve as a member of Council for at least one term of 3yrs (members of Council are limited to a maximum of 2 terms of 3yrs);

e)    not have been disqualified under the Charities Act 2011 from acting as a charity trustee due to:

–         having an unspent conviction for an offence involving dishonesty or deception;

–         being bankrupt or having entered into a formal arrangement with a creditor

–         having been removed as a company director or charity trustee because of wrongdoing.


Please submit your name, membership number and a short statement of no more than 200 words confirming your eligibility for appointment and describing the skills and attributes you would bring to contribute to the business of Council

All candidates which meet the eligibility criteria will be put to a membership vote to determine the candidate who will be appointed as a member of Council1.

Send nominations to the Company Secretary, Holly Bowden, by email to by 5pm, 7th May 2018.

1 In the event the procedure above results in 1 eligible candidate they will be appointed without a vote. If the procedure results in no eligible candidates, a further call for nominations will be held.

Date Submitted: 17/4/2018


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