Building on the acclaimed Italian Limes project by Studio Folder (2014–2018), A Moving Border is a book that examines the nexus of climate change, territory, and nation building. Written with Marco Ferrari and Elisa Pasqual of Studio Folder, the book includes contributions by Stuart Elden, Mia Fuller, Francesca Hughes, Bruno Latour, and Wu Ming 1. 

Read more about Italian Limes and about A Moving Border (published by Columbia Books on Architecture and the City and ZKM | Karlsruhe, 2019). 

Date Submitted: 23/5/2019

El Alto AA Visiting School Programme Directors and AA Summer School teachers Sabrina Morreale (AADipl 2016) and Lorenzo Perri (AADipl(Hons)2016) + INDA opens exhibition An encyclopedia to harvest knowledge in Bangkok as part of the ASA Expo.

“Welcome to the Anthropocene, in today’s overwhelming global evidence that atmospheric, geologic, hydrologic, biospheric and other earth system processes are now altered by humans, perennial topiary is a collection of possible solutions, projections, rejections, moments which are worth to share globally.

We defined ecology not only restricted to our environment but as well on subcultures, ethical scarcity and money excess. Realities that most of the time are underneath our eyes and just not been picked up upon.

The more that we forget, the more we do not care. In this Perennial Topiary, every time that a flower is picked up, a thread of needed knowledge is shaped.

One flower is one project. We will construct our topiary out of hundreds of projects. Curiosity to raise awareness.”

The exhibition is on from 30 April - 5 May 2019. For more information visit the Cuinda News

Date Submitted: 23/5/2019

The London based practice Gustafson Porter + Bowman led by alumna Mary Bowman (AA Past Vice-President and Former AA Councillor), alumnus Neil Porter (Former AA Councillor and Former AA Staff) and Kathryn Gustafson has won the Eiffel Tower contest.

Working with French studio Chartier-Corbasson, the London-based practice was selected ahead of bids by Amanda Levete Architects (AL_A) with Gross.Max; Paris-based Koz Architectes; and France’s Agence Ter with Italy’s Carlo Ratti Associati.

The competition, launched in early 2018, sought a public realm upgrade that boosted safety, improved the tourist experience and reduced queuing around the 324m-tall wrought-iron tower, currently the most-visited paid monument in the world.

Read the full article on the Architects’ Journal website

Date Submitted: 23/5/2019

Connecting architecture and literature, artist and architect Colin Priest (AADipl 2003) installs a city-wide site-specific festival commission for the International Literature Festival Dublin titled SLOW READ HERE, 17-26th May 2019. Conceived as a contemporary rustication, a type of architectural finishing commonly found across Dublin’s older buildings will ‘slow’ the reading of space. Starting at the Irish Architecture Foundation via Grattan Bridge to end at the Irish Architectural Archive the work will gently encourage new street-level stories and a fresh perspective to the city. Colin has exhibited across the UK and internationally, with works that incorporate intervention, writing and performance associated with spatial production and experience of built histories. Colin is also Course Leader for BA (Hons) Interior and Spatial Design at University of the Arts London. #slowreadhere

Find out more here: Interview 

Find out more here: Overview 

Date Submitted: 17/5/2019

onstantly exchanging particles with its environment, dust is open, has no traceable beginning, knows no interior and exterior. Dust gathers and it leaves itself behind, in a mutual exchange with its place. Dust can be a fragment, fragmented, or an accumulation. The talk discusses the idea of dust in relation to architecture, the body and the city. The talk will be followed by a discussion with Joel McKim (Birkbeck - Architecture, Space and Society Centre)

Friday 24 May 2019, 18:00 – 19:20 , Cinema, Birkbeck, School of Arts , 43 Gordon Square London WC1H 0PD. Tickets on Eventbrite

This event is part of Birkbeck Arts Week 2019

Date Submitted: 17/5/2019

The lecture will present how storytelling, collapsing environments and innovation in design shape an innovative understanding of the built environment. With a photographic documentation of unique places on the Planet Earth Scavengers and Other Creatures explores the gripping power of myth and fiction as radical narratives for imagining the near future of cities and forests.

IAM Open Lecture #28, Ricardo de Ostos, Scavengers and Other Creatures, 18:00 Friday May 17 2019
IAM Media Lab, Kronesgasse 5/III.

Find out more

Date Submitted: 17/5/2019

AI: More than Human invites you to explore our relationship with artificial intelligence.

This major centre-wide ‘festival-style’ exhibition explores creative and scientific developments in AI, demonstrating its potential to revolutionise our lives. Bringing together artists, scientists and researchers, this interactive exhibition offers an unprecedented survey of AI with which you are invited to engage head-on.

Experience the capabilities of AI in the form of cutting-edge research projects by DeepMindMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Neri Oxman; and interact directly with exhibits and installations from artists including Mario KlingemannMassive AttackEs Devlin and teamLab to experience the possibilities first-hand.

Prepare for your preconceptions of AI to be challenged by this timely exhibition, that reflects on how this technology impacts our very existence.

Find out more on the Barbican website

Image: 2065 (Barbican edition) © Lawrence Lek

Date Submitted: 17/5/2019

Caroline Rabourdin has been selected to present at the 23rd International Symposium in Phenomenology on the theme 'L’Epreuve de l’étranger: traduction, migration, résistance' which will take place in Perugia, Italy, 7-13th July 2019. 

For this intervention Caroline will interrogate the political framework of the bilingual speaking subject through a close reading of Lisa Roberton’s essay "Threshold: A Prosody of Citizenship” and Jacques Derrida’s seminars on hospitality (in Anne Dufourmantelle invite Jacques Derrida à répondre de l’hospitalité, 1997). Her paper will be bilingual French/English and will focus on language as a relational and political activity, the laws of language, and the consequences of the removal of the bilingual subject’s rights.

Discourse improvises, unmoored to any stable geographic or architectural foundation. We citizens constitute ourselves according to the movement of subjectivity in language. At the same time, we are administratively identified by shared, conventional borders, and a historical concept of collective and individual rights or those rights’ withdrawal. (Lisa Robertson, "Threshold: A Prosody of Citizneship", Dialecty series, Book Works, 2018)

Emily Apter (The Translation Zone, 2005) will be the keynote speaker and participants can still apply to attend. For more information visit the symposium’s webpage

Date Submitted: 15/5/2019

When AA alumnus Adam Nathaniel Furman, a London-based designer and postmodernism enthusiast, came across a client who asked specially for a ‘bubble gum’ flat, he knew it was going to be an exciting project. Located in the heart of Nagatacho, the governmental administrative district of central Tokyo, the apartment blends milky pastels and bright yellow accents that come together to form a harmonious postmodernist collage.

Read the full article on the Wallpaper* website

Date Submitted: 15/5/2019

Eleanor Gawne, AA Librarian, attended the joint ARCLIB (Architecture Librarians’ Group) and CNBA (Coordinatmento Nazionale Biblioteche di Architettura) conference on Globalism, Diversity and Exchange, hosted by the University Institute of Architecture in Venice from 8-11 May 2019. Eleanor presented a paper on ‘Benchmarking architectural libraries’. Her attendance was supported by the ARLIS/UK & Ireland Travel & Study Fund and by an ICOM UK Travel Bursary.

Date Submitted: 15/5/2019

Harvard University Graduate School of Design (Harvard GSD) is pleased to name Polish-born and U.S.-based architect Aleksandra Jaeschke the winner of the 2019 Wheelwright Prize, a $100,000 grant to support investigative approaches to contemporary architecture, with an emphasis on travel-based research. Jaeschke’s winning proposal, UNDER WRAPS: Architecture and Culture of Greenhouses, aims to explore the culture and architecture of greenhouses around the world, focusing on the spatiality of horticultural operations, as well as the interactions between plants and humans across a spectrum of contexts and cultures.

Jaeschke was among three remarkable finalists selected from more than 145 applicants, hailing from 46 countries. The 2019 Wheelwright Prize jury commends finalists Maria Shéhérazade Giudici (AA Diploma Unit Master) and Garrett Ricciardi for their promising research proposals and presentations.

Read the full article on the Wheelwright Prize website

Date Submitted: 15/5/2019

Sushant Verma joined the list of TEDx Speakers by speaking at TEDxGurugram on ‘Smart Cities need Smarter Design Education’. His second TEDxTalk was recently given at the IIT KGP in which he encouraged young professionals to pursue their passions in Design & Technology.

After graduating from the Emergent Technologies Programme at the AA, Sushant Verma worked with RoboFOLD London and Zaha Hadid Architects, while co-founding a global design research studio rat[LAB] – Research in Architecture & Technology (www.rat-lab.org) with Pradeep Devadass (AAEmTech MArch 2013). Sushant has been speaking at various forums, including three TEDx events, CIAT UK / INDIA Conference and will be speaking at Architecture of the Future 2019 Conference in Ukraine and Asian Architects in the Academe Assembly 2019 in Philippines on intersections of Design and Technology.

Watch the TEDxGurugram talk on YouTube 

Watch the TEDxIIT talk on YouTube

Date Submitted: 15/5/2019

Questo non è un modello (This is not a model) argues that concept of ‘model’ has an ambiguous relationship with the ideation, the representation, the construction and the communication of architecture. It is this ambiguity that enables the model to engage with the multiple relations that affect the definition of architecture as both a discipline and an edifice. As a prototype, a template or a guide for the production of the edifice of architecture, the model both proclaims and obfuscates the point of origin of the project, triggering a multiplicity of variations that render the discipline and the practice of architecture possible. As an object, the model offers a description, a presentation and, more significantly, an anticipation of the architectural object. Engaging in the making of architecture a plurality of agents beyond the historical figure of the artifexarchitect, the model challenges the single authorship of architecture. The model’s oscillations between object and concept – and object again, engage the production of the architectural project in a dynamic set of references, tensions and variations that continue to involve the viewer/actor/inhabitant. When the model loses its dynamics between transition and translation and presents itself as a resolved object, it no longer is ‘model’.  The talk draws from Teresa’s recent book ‘Unorthodox Ways to Think the City. Representations, Constructions, Dynamics’ (Routledge 2018).

Monday 13 May 2019, 4.30pm, Sapienza Università di Roma, Faculty of Architecture,  Fiorentino Lecture Hall, Via Gramsci 53, Rome.

Find out more on the University di Roma website

Date Submitted: 10/5/2019

This summer, Dancing Architects invites you to open up a fresh perspective of space and architecture by moving. The workshop will take place in Apulia, Italy. No prior dance or choreographic experience required.

An interdisciplinary exploration, the intensive workshop will take you to a personal journey of architectural choreography. The experience is sure to shift the way we engage with space and architecture towards new possibilities of design processes. Julie-Anne Stanzak from Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch – a critically acclaimed Dance Theatre company in Germany - will help awaken our spatial intelligence through various movement workshops. With individual inner motivations and senses, participants will experiment and learn to express embodied ideas through the physicality of our bodies and choreography in relation to people; to objects; to the surroundings; to the streets and the city; and to the world around us – constantly transient in time and space that also change with our body and mind. Together, we will work towards creating a shared experience in the form of performance, as an experimental architectural dialogue. Our field of operation will be the beautiful and sustainable setting of Casina Settarte amongst ancient olive trees, as well as the urban streets and spaces in the white city of Ostuni, Apulia, in southern Italy, a short travel from Matera, the European Capital of Culture 2019. Expect to challenge the idea of architecture by moving together!

Activities include seminars on architecture and movement, discussions and tutorials, making of movement devices, performative presentations with invited guests.

Workshop date: 16 – 21 July 2019. Application is open until 20th June 2019, or until all places are filled. For more information and application, please visit www.dancingarchitects.org or www.facebook.com/events/2444159928949342/

Date Submitted: 9/5/2019

Maarten Gielen, Lionel Devlieger and Aude-Line Duliere (Rotor), Head Tutors of AA Diploma 18, together with their students Samuel Little and Arvind Roy, have contributed a piece for the Architectural Research Quarterly published by Cambridge University. The piece assesses the current state of material use and salvage within the UK building industry, and follows a series of field trips and first-hand research carried out by the students of AA Diploma 18. The projects phase culminated in an exhibition in December 2018, and launched as a new website: Opalis UK, which is an evolving directory of sellers of reclaimed building materials. 


Date Submitted: 9/5/2019


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The Architectural Association, Inc. is incorporated as a company limited by guarantee (No.171402) and registered as a charity (No. 311083). Registered office: 36 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3ES, 020 7887 4000

Click here to read the AA’s latest review report.

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The Architectural Association receives Taught Degree Awarding Powers by the Lords of Her Majesty’s Most Honourable Privy Council.

The Architectural Association (AA), the oldest independent school of architecture in the United Kingdom, is pleased to announce that it has been granted the power to award its own degrees. As of 1 October 2019, the AA has the right to establish new academic programmes and degree awards and is working to create some of the world’s most pioneering courses in architecture to shape and build the future.

Taught Degree Awarding Powers (TDAP) give UK higher education institutions the right to award bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Prospective students worldwide can apply to the AA Foundation Course (Foundation Diploma), Experimental Programme BA(Hons), Diploma Programme (MArch), and nine taught postgraduate programmes encompassing History and Critical Thinking in Architecture (MA), Projective Cities (Taught MPhil) and Sustainable Environmental Design (MSc/MArch), amongst others.

AA Director, Eva Franch said, ‘since our founding in 1847 we have never ceased to create new horizons, institutionally and academically. This is a significant milestone for the AA and demonstrates how we have grown and progressed as an institution that has always valued independence. Receiving TDAP marks a new era for our institution; these are exciting times for the AA. The process has required considerable work from all members of staff and students. I would like to take this opportunity to credit them for this major achievement’.

President of the AA Council, Victoria Thornton added, ‘the TDAP process has recognised our strong governance, academic standards, scholarship and teaching as well as the environment supporting the delivery of taught higher education programmes’.

The School’s application for Taught Degree Awarding Powers was supported by the Architects Registration Board, the Royal Institute of British Architects and The Open University.