All events are free and open to the public.

Tue 14 Oct   
Sarah Chaplin
Urban Renaissance Institute, University of Greenwich
(Learning from) Las Vegas, love hotels and low-brow architecture

Tue 21 Oct   
Koen Vanmechelen
Artist, Meeuwen-Gruitrode, Belgium
The Chicken's Appeal

Tue 28 Oct    
Hilary Powell
Artist, London
Olympic Interventions: a critical and creative engagement with the London 2012 Olympic development

Tue 4 November       
Raymond Quek
University of Nottingham
Modern Nocturne: film noir, the graphic novel and the Metropolis

Tue 11 November       
Gavin Keeney
LANY Landscape Agency New York
Metaphysical-Formal Agency: aspects of art & architecture

Tue 18 November       
George L. Legendre
Architect, IJP Corporation, London
On the Surface

Tue 25 November       
Alex Schweder
Architect Artist, Berlin
This Form Follows Your Performance

January, February, March speakers:
Desley Luscombe (University of Technology Sydney), Mark Crinson (University of Manchester), Ranulph Glanville (UCL London, RCA London, St Lucas Brussels and Ghent, RMIT Melbourne), Sibylle Heil (University of Greenwich), Adrian Hornsby (Dynamic City Foundation), Mario Fallini (Artist, Alessandria), Hélène Frichot (RMIT University Melbourne), Isotta Cortesi (Università di Catania-Siracusa).

See Greenwich Architecture Open Lectures for details of all forthcoming and directions to reach the venue

Date Submitted: 13/10/2008
The most recent edition of the quarterly magazine Ma (Iranian architecture) is devoted to performance-related architecture. The magazine, co-edited by Michael Hensel, Omid Kamvari and Achim Menges, explores the idea and theories born out of the research at the AA’s Diploma 4 and EmTech programmes.

Following the workshop by Omid Kamvari in 2007 on morphogenetic design and performance-related architecture, Ma magazine covers some theoretical aspects of such methods of practise. Translated into Farsi for the very first time the publication offers academics and professional a real insight into advanced design processes.

Ma is of significance due to Iran’s historical precedents in regards to performance-related structures, it is hoped that the publication will become a good basis for further exploration of historical and vernacular architecture in Iran and their performative capacities.
Date Submitted: 13/10/2008
This month’s salon is from public works, an art/architecture collective based in London. Tonight they explore the role of feminism in current cultural practice.

The Friday Session FEMINISM IS ON THE AGENDA earlier this year resulted in a collective wish and attempt to continue the discussion.
As part of the Nought to Sixty Programme at the ICA, London, FEMINISM IS ON THE AGENDA will be continued in public, on Monday 20 October at 20.00 in the Nash Room.

Contributors include Doina Petrescu, Jane Rendell, Ruth Morrow, Maria Walsh, taking place collective, Sarah Smith, Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre, Rebecca Ross, Torange Khonsari, Amy Fenneck, editors MAP, Kathrin Böhm, Anna Holder, Meike Schalk, Celine Condorelli, Nathalie Magnan.

Free. Booking is required – please call the Box Office on 020 7930 3647.

Visit www.publicworksgroup.net or www.ica.org.uk for more information.
Date Submitted: 13/10/2008
AA Inter 1 tutors Olaf Kneer and Marianne Mueller have launched the hm55 furniture range at 100% Design in London. The pieces are produced and distributed by renowned furnituremakers Hitch Mylius who also work with David Chipperfield and Nigel Coates.

Find out more at:
Date Submitted: 22/9/2008
This series of events in Leuven will focus on researching new paradigms
affecting urban design and planning principles. Angeliki Koliomichou's work will be featured as one of the lectures.
See www.urbanwaterconference.be
Date Submitted: 15/9/2008
The 5th Landscape Biennial of Barcelona will feature work from
Landscape Urbanism students as part of its academic exhibition, as
well as Groundlabwork in the Rosa Barbaprice.

See www.coac.net/landscape/
Date Submitted: 15/9/2008
Deep Groundproject designed by Groundlab Collective has moved forward to the next design stage. The main principles regarding architectural detail and strategic definition of the spatial qualities of the masterplan have been outlined so that they can be implemented in detail design stages.
The project features Landscape Urbanism design methodology principles and is characterised by a bottom up approach dealing with local characteristics of urban villages in the existing fabric of Longgang, both in morphological and programmatic terms, as well as usage of landscape as a structuring force of the whole development.

Details of these principles can be found in the original posts in the AALU blog:
Date Submitted: 15/9/2008
Universal Sections in Sham Spiritual Oasis: the Epidermis of the Landscape, the entry by Ahmad Sukkar (AA DRL 2006) has received a citation (category: Professionals) in Sham Spiritual Oasis, an architectural competition to design a place for spiritual growth.

The aim of the competition is harmony building, dialogue, developing the capacities of youth and raising awareness of the intercultural and inter-religious patrimony of the Sham region. The competition was open to young artists and architects from European and Arab Mediterranean countries. This project is funded by the European Union and contributes to celebrating the city of Damascus as the cultural capital of the Arab world for in 2008.

An online exhibition of entries will be published in early September. Two competition exhibitions will take place in the Damascus region during September and October. The exhibition may tour in European and Mediterranean countries.

Date Submitted: 8/8/2008
Thirty-five Italian and international students worked for two weeks with digital and physical prototyping tools in order to design and built an information point for the city of Turin which will be in use and open to public between 1 August and 30 October.

Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto (Architectural Association)
Caterina Tizzoldi (Columbia University)
Local coordinator
Cesare Griffa (Politecnico di Torino)
Denaldi Legnami

See more on Visiting Programmes and http://protocity.blogspot.com/
Date Submitted: 8/8/2008
Graduate School tutor Larry Barth was a guest speaker at the University of Manchester on Innovation and Sustainability – A dialogue with China.

He also took part in the conference, 'Power and Space: Transforming the Contemporary City', organised by the Department of Architecture at University of Cambridge.
Date Submitted: 11/12/2007

The latest issue of Blueprint (January 2008) contains an interview with Madelon Vriesendorp ahead of her exhibition at the AA in January 2008. The exhibition will feature previously unseen paintings, drawings, games and collections belonging to Vriesendorp.

For the article Vrisendorp was photographed in her North London studio.

The AA exhibition will be complimented by an AA publication.

Date Submitted: 30/11/2007
French graphic design magazine Etapes (issue 148) features an eight-page article entitled: 'Zak Kyes: Graphic interventionist'. Kyes is AA Art Director and curator of the AA's current exhibition: 'Forms of Inquiry: The Architecture of Critical Graphic Design'.
Date Submitted: 8/10/2007

Architects' Journal (27/09/2007) features an article on the work of Asif Khan and Julia King. Khan & King are continuing their work at the refugee camp on the Thai/Burma border, which they began in Autumn 2006 as part of their AA Diploma project, completed last July in AA Diploma Unit 7.

The article looks at the 'Design Toolkit' developed by Khan & King for use in the Maela camp.

Date Submitted: 27/9/2007

The October issue of Creative Review includes a case study on the forthcoming AA exhibition Forms of Inquiry: The Architecture of Critical Graphic Design.

The article examines the work of four graphic design practices that are in the show, including: Task, Hudson-Powell, Julia Born and Mevis en van Deursen.

The exhibition opens to the public on Monday 8 October.


Date Submitted: 27/9/2007

John Bell (ex-AA unit master) has curated Non-Specific Urbanism at the ICA's Digital Gallery.

Non-Specific Urbanism ranges over new visionary approaches to contemporary conditions. Dynamic, adaptive architectural responses address the multifold conditions of the city: from hyperdevelopment in East London, to body-centric responsive systems, this collection of student and recent graduate work engages us in novel modes of thought about directions for architectural and urban design. The exhibition features recent works by the AA's Intermediate Unit 4 and DRL.

The exhibition runs until 24 September.

Date Submitted: 7/9/2007


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