AA graduates, ex-unit masters and visting school directors Marianne Mueller and Olaf Kneer received a Special Mention in the Architizer A+ Awards for White Cube Bermondsey, the conversion of a 70s warehouse into an art gallery complex in South London. http://architizer.com/projects/white-cube-bermondsey/

Date Submitted: 14/3/2014

Natassa Lianou and Ermis Chalvatzis, AA DRL alumni 2011, have been awarded an Honourable mention in the NEXT STOP-Designing Chicago BRT Stations competition with their project KINESIS. The competition was organized by the Chicago Architectural Club and Chicago Architecture Foundation. The two architects gave an interview to The Tovima newspaper about their award winning project KINESIS. They were also featured in 'The GENERATION OF 2020' issue of BHMAGAZINO.


Date Submitted: 12/3/2014
Farah's dissertation on Energy Efficient Garment Factories has been published in CibseJournal March 2014 edition.
Since leaving the AA Farah has been doing some work with the fashions brands and International labour organization to improve the working conditions of factories in Bangladesh. Farah works as Senior Sustainability Engineer at Ramboll Uk.
Date Submitted: 10/3/2014

Liam Young, of the AA’s Diploma 6- Unknown Fields Division and think tank Tomorrows Thoughts Today will be speaking at the FUTURE EVERYTHING Festival in Manchester, 31st March – 1st April 2014. http://futureeverything.org/

Date Submitted: 4/3/2014

7pm, Romanian Cultural Institute, 1 Belgrave Square, London SW1X8PH

From the Romanian Cultural Institute:

Three research teams made up of 12 international students from the Architectural Association Design Research Lab in London led by professor Theodore Spyropoulos, including the Romanian Octavian Gheorghiu, will present an alternative vision of the capital's future, putting forward an ecology of intelligent machines. The students will explore possible solutions for London by looking into several problematic aspects such as food supply and the import dependence, the growing need for public space and the underutilisation of the Thames River, transportation and urban mobility.

More Information

Date Submitted: 25/2/2014

The Nature of the City

Monday 17, February, 6.30pm

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Date Submitted: 12/2/2014


Explore Majorca through drawings this Easter

Drawing the City is hosting a 6-day intensive drawing holiday workshop in Majorca in April. All the adventure and excitement of a city break, combined with an in-depth exploration of the Majorcan art scene, food, sunshine and of course... mad drawing.

The course is designed with those closet, part-time artists in mind, who have always wanted to draw more and improve their skills but never find the time to get stuck into it.
Drawing the City - Majorca 2014 is a collaboration with the Pilar i Joan Miró Foundation, and the local council in Palma; as part of an effort to share the charms of this burgeoning art city, while promoting a culture-led tourism instead of the sun & beach combos to which Majorca is commonly associated.

The course

The unique course offers a combination of daily 4-hour in-studio drawing and water colour sessions, with daily active drawing excursions in the city. Participants will be given the opportunity to explore the city through drawings and practice the techniques from the studio sessions on the exquisite subject of Palma de Majorca, a stunning medieval port city.

Thrown into the mix, the workshop also includes visits to museums, special private viewings of art, historic tours, local food tastings and your very own art exhibition party at the end. Drawings aside, there will still be time to explore the city in your own time, enjoy the nightlife and soak in the atmosphere, and witness the unique Majorcan Easter Celebrations before heading back.

Image : http://www.flickr.com/photos/guymoll/

Date Submitted: 7/2/2014


Under the name Form Fiction Format, their entry, The City & The Room will be exhibited at the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York from 29 April 2014.


Date Submitted: 4/2/2014

Tuesday 11 February, 6pm
AA School, Rear Second Presentation Space

Speaker: Stefano Boeri

Discussant: Camillo Boano

Today it is difficult to understand what links a building to a housing block to a car wash to a mall and so on. Anticity and the Future of the Public Sphere explores the links between research, design, media and politics through a transversal glance, and particularly the role architecture plays in redefining the contours of the public sphere in contemporary cities.

The Development Planning Unit (DPU) enjoys a very close relationship with the AA School, where it began as the Department of Tropical Architecture in 1954. Initially directed by Maxwell Fry, in 1956 Otto Koenigsberger took over and it was under his directorship that urban development planning and low-income housing, now important topics in the DPU, were introduced. The unit was renamed the Department of Development and Tropical Studies in 1968, and in 1971 moved just up the road where it was established in University College London as the Development Planning Unit (DPU).

The DPU maintains strong intellectual and personal ties with the Architectural Association and is excited to be holding the event on DPU's original premises.

Download the event poster

Date Submitted: 4/2/2014

The AA Archives has recently received an important donation of drawings from John Miller, CBE, including student projects and drawings by his contemporary AA students, Alan Colquhoun, Kenneth Frampton and Neave Brown. Alongside these works we have also been donated significant works from Ivor Samuels (AA: 1957–62), Philip Opher (AA: 1952–57) and Suha Bekki (AA: 1988–94).

More information about the AA Archives www.aaschool.ac.uk/archives

Archives Catalogue www.aaschool.ac.uk/calmview

Image: Alan Colquhoun, AA Fifth Year Project, 1952

Date Submitted: 27/1/2014

Notable AA Alumni Zaha Hadid, Amanda Levete and Nathalie Rozencwajg have been included in the the '10 women in architecture to watch' this year. All have practices in London.

Rozencwajg is currently the Intermediate 4 Unit Master with Michel da Costa Gonçalves. Former AA tutor Deborah Saunt is also included on the list.

See the Complete List

Date Submitted: 15/1/2014

The lecture series took place from 10–12 of December 2013, in collaboration with Carpilo Foundation at University of Brescia, Professional Association of Architects (Brescia), University of Pavia and Politecnico di Milano – Polo do Piacenza.

The conferences were an opportunity to investigate current issues of contemporary design practice including parametric architectural design and the development of buildings with low environmental impact.

Sushant Verma is presently working as a full-time architect at Zaha Hadid Architects, London.

Date Submitted: 14/1/2014

21–22 February 2014

Writing about contemporary architecture is at a crossroad. In the changing media landscape, the need to develop new critical perspectives has never been more important. Critical Juncture, curated by Trevor Boddy, Yasmin Shariff and Manuel Cuadra, will allow a gathering of the world's architectural critics to consider the state of their art at a meeting at the Architectural Association and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

The V&A Symposium at the V&A will 
celebrate the work of Joseph Rykwert, recipient of the 2014 RIBA Gold Medal award for architecture, as the world’s leading architecture critics come together to reflect upon key points within Rykwert’s six decades as a critic, examine the state of criticism today in a changing media landscape, and project how it may reinvent itself for the twenty-first century.


£25, £10 concessions

In collaboration with Comité International des Critiques d'Architecture and the Architectural Association

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photo Valerie Bennett

Date Submitted: 14/1/2014

The Association of European Schools of Planning meeting takes place at the Manchester School of Architecture on 16 January, and it aims to explore more closely the potentials and parallels between processes of spatial planning and urbanism/design, in particular, how the complexity sciences can create and enhance this discourse through an examination of processes of inevitable transformation.

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Date Submitted: 8/1/2014

Greetings Cards Available in batches of 10 for £10.00

Postcards available in batches of 10 for £5.00

Available at :

AA Photolibrary - 37 Bedford Square

For delivery and postage options please email photolib@aaschool.ac.uk

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